Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Cicci Coloring Tulips

Hi Copic lovers
Cicci here today posting from Sweden;0)

This is my first post for the lovely 2020!! 
Its tulips time and of course I want to show how I color this one

The Copic Combo that I have used is
Red: R30 R35 R37  R39 R89 Y02
Other tulips
R00 R30 R35 R37 R39 R05 R21 R20 Y02
BV000 BV0000 BV02 V22
RV00 RV23 E07 E99 Y02 Y00  E08 E29
and a little of RV99 for some details
Leaves: G20 21 24 G40 G43 G29
Background: Some dots with
BV0000 and Y02 RV02 B000
I have also added some white dots with a Posca pen

Step 1
First I draw some tulips and leaves

Step 2
Start with R30 with light strokes and leave some  white area for the highlight

Step 3
Add R89 over R30 

Step 4
Add R39 

Step 5
Add R35 and R37 and blend with R30 

Step 6
Add more of R89 in the area that you want more dept and blend with R37

Step 7
I go over the tulips again with R35 R37 R39 and blend with R35 and R30 again
I have no photos for this step

Step 8
Add some dark RV99 in the corners at leaves

I have also add some  Y02 at the end 


I hope you try this and have a lot of fun with your markers
Have a lovely day and see you next month 


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