Sunday, January 26, 2020

Art Supplies Make You Thin.....

I have made an art journal page.
Because there is a lot of reds and pinks in the background I decide to use blue as a contrasting colour. 

I always start with E50.  

Then add BV00 , my favorite colour for shading. 

Add E00 on top of the  BV00 to create a warm skin tone. 

Blend all layers together with the E000. 
First layer of the flowers is  FBG02.

Add B06 for shading.

Blend B06 with the B05. 

And then blend the B05 with the B00. I also added a thin layer of FBG2. 

For her hair I use RV21.

Then add RV23. 

And finally the RV25. Use the RV23 and RV21 for blending. 

I used all the previous colours for her coat, the RV21, RV23, B05 and the B06. 

Use RV21 as a first layer

then I added the RV29.

Next the RV25.

Blend all layers together with RV21.

Looking at my background my images are going to be to pink. So I decided to add a thin layer of R14 to make it a more redish pink . 

So I added some R14 on some pink parts of the images.  It now looks much better with my background. 

I started colouring the legs too, but after I decided not to use them I stopped adding more layers. 

Use R12 for the tiny flowers..

Use R14 and R17 as well . 
Use the same pinks and reds for the eyes. 

First layer the R12.

Add the R14 and the R17.  

Blend the layers together wih R12. 

I use a nice blue, the FBG2 for the large flower.

And this is how my page turned out. 

See you next time

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