Sunday, May 26, 2019

Tanya Bond colouring page

Hello Copic friends.

For today's post I used a colouring page by Tanya Bond. In the following photographs you will be able to see how I coloured this page and the colours I have used. 

I always start with a layer of E50, a cool beige.
 I used the broad chisel nib, because this image is quite large. This way the image will get less stripy.

I will use the BV00 next. This is my favourite shadow colour.

Add a layer of E00 over the BV00.

Blend all the layers together with E000. 

Use R20 for the lips.

Add a layer of R22 on the upper lip and in the corners of the lower lip. 

Blend the layers together with R20.

Use the BV00 for shadow in the eyes. 
Use YG11 for the iris. 

Use the YG17 to make the eye darker. 

Use the YG67 for shadow in the iris. 

Blend the layers together with YG11.

For more depth in the eyes I decided to use G46 and C7 as well. 

Time to start colouring the hair. 
Use the E08 for the darker parts of her hair. 

Use the YR07 next.

 Use the YR15 for the lightest parts of her hair. 

Looking at her hair I decided that the darkest parts aren't dark enough... add some E09...

Use the same YR colours for the bodice and the cute flowers. This time I start with YR15.

And then I add YR16 and YR07.

For the leaves I use YG11.

Use YR17 for the veins of the leaves.

For the darkest parts I use YR67.

And to make the darker parts in the leaves a bit more darker, I add YG99.
I add a thin layer of RV02 over the lips, because at this stage  I think they would be much nicer if they were a little bit more rosy instead of orange. 

Colour the pink flowers starting with RV02. Add some RV04 and RV09 as well. 
For the yellow parts I use Y17, Y38 and YR15. 

Use the same RV02 for the wings. 
Use the BG01 for the dress , bracelet and crown. 

I add some RV04 and RV09 on the wings and dress. 
For the blue parts of the dress, bracelet and crown I add BG04

And this is the end result. 
Hope you'll like it. 

See you next month



Diny Sprakel said...

What a great job you did. Thanks for all your work, love it.

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