Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Cicci Color a horse

Hi Copic Lovers.
Cicci here today!! Today I show you how I made this horse. I have just used a few grey markers.

Copic Combo
C0 C2 C3 C5 C7

Step 1
I started to make a sketch for the horse face
with an ordinary pencil

Step 2
First I used an eraser to remove the lines from the pencil
 and filled in the contours instead with the Copic marker C0

Step 3
Continue to colour with C3 just over the marker used before

Step 4
I colour with C7 here

Step 5
Colour and blend with C3 

Step 6 
Add C0

Step 7
Here I added one more layer with C3

Step 8
Colour with C2 all over the face but leave the white areas that you already have

Step 9
At the end I go over with C3 C5 C2 again and at last I add C0 to some of the white areas.


Have a wonderful day everyone and welcome again to the Copic Europa Blog.


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