Monday, November 12, 2018

Sweet November "thanks" card with 3d elements

Hi all Copic friends,

Today I have prepared a "thanks" card,
with some 3d elements.

I dedicate this card also to all kind readers of this blog.
(and people that leave comments, it is always nice to get feedback) 

Are you ready ? Please sit down and relax watching.
Here we go!

To start I have printed the digi with the fairy twice.
This was an exclusive digi designed by Amy Young (not only an excellent colorist).

 I have also cut a sheet of Perfect Colouring Paper with a ticket die.
 (this will become the background).

Now I have put the die cut piece of PCP onto my stamping tool, 
and the hand cut fairy was put on to that piece of paper with some magnets.

Now I have stamped my clear stamp with some little toadstools
 onto the paper with fairy with grey ink.

On the wings of the fairy some small details of the toadstools will show with grey ink.

Once the fairy was taken off the sheet I have repeated to stamp the toadstools but now with black ink.

In this way you will have a black version on the sheet
 and a grey version on her wings to make the wings look transparent.

One fairy was hand cut in one piece.

Okay now it is time to take the second fairy and cut just some pieces of the fairy.
(the pieces you want to lift later , to create a 3d effect).

I have chosen her arm attached to her head as one piece,
and a piece of her skirt.

You can put these pieces aside until later.

I have first started to colour the background.
The toadstools were coloured with the november colours 
E 37, R 37 and G 99.
I have seen these colours on the american Copic site.

I have also coloured the cloudy sky,
 using B 21 and B 23, C 2 and C0 and the blender.
In the wings I have used the lighter colours B 21 and C 0 in this way the wings seem to be transparent.
The same with the toadstools in the wings I have chosen not to use the brown but only red.

The grass was coloured with G 94 and G 99.

Time to colour her face, 
of course I will only completely colour the separate face that will be layered on top. 
The face of the complete fairy will only get some colour on the edges.

skin : E 00, E 11, E 13, E 95, E 04

Green eyes with YG 91 and YG 95

Now it is time for her dress,
again you have to colour the pieces that will be on the top layer only.
Here you can see her arm, the top piece of her shirt and the "skirt",
the lower pieces will only get some colour on the edges.

Love these colours from the YR family : YR 23, YR 24, YR 27
and for a dark shading I have used E 18.

The wings got some YR 23 on top of the sky and toadstools,
after I have added some deco glass pasta "moondust" with a pencil to the wings.

Under the skirt I have added some small foam pads and glued it to the fairy.

Here you can see that the fairy is not flat.
I have attached some foam pads under the "skirt",
some on the right side of her head and on her left shoulder,
the hand was glued onto the lower hand.

I have also coloured her hair with
E 23, E 25, E 47, E 49
this was a suggestion of Amy the designer of this cutie.

The dots of the toadstools and her hair decoration got some extra sparkle,
on top of the glue I have added some glitter.
Later I have decided to give an extra sparkle to the wings too.

Thanks, Grazie, Bedankt !

Digi stamp : Sweet November exclusive digital stamp by Amy Young 
Clear stamp : Studiolight Diny's Signature Collection, 
Dies : Studio Light

Copic :

skin : E 00, E 11, E 13, E 95, E 04
hair : E 23, E 25, E 47, E 49
clothes : YR 23, YR 24, YR 27, E 18
toadstools : E 37, R 37 ,G 99, E 00, E 31, E 18
grass : G 94, G 99
sky : B 21, B 23, C 0, C 2, "0" blender
tags : YR 23, YR 27

Thanks for your visit,
hugs Blankina


Sandra H said...

So beautiful x

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So beautiful!!!!! Your coloring is exquisite!!!!!!

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