Sunday, November 11, 2018

New Instructors

Good Morning :)

A few weeks ago, the European Copic Instructors got together for the annual Copic Convention, hosted by Holtz Office Support, the European Distributor for Copic. 

As usual, we were completely submersed in all things Copic, enjoying training, presentations, a creative day, lots of chatter and  a fair amount of chocolate coffee.

At the end of the meeting, we were delighted to welcome two new Instructors to the team and we would like to introduce them to you now...

Cordine van der Touw
Regional Copic Instructor; Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

You can find Cordine in the following ways:

Petra Zemankova
Regional Copic Instructor, Czech Republic

You can find Petra in the following ways:

If you are local to any of the areas covered by Cordine or Petra and you are interested in Copic Classes, please contact them.

Siv Anderson, Cordine van der Touw, Peter Holtz-Kathan

Siv Anderson, Petra Zemankova, Peter Holtz-Kathan

Siv Anderson, Cordine van der Touw, Petra Zemankova, Peter Holtz-Kathan

Peter Holtz-Kathan, Faye Wynn-Jones, Cordine van der Touw, Siv Anderson

Welcome Cordine and Petra. Wishing you every success :)

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