Monday, October 1, 2018

Add a glow

Hi Everyone, it's Faye here today :)

This month I thought I would show you how to add a basic glow to an image. Christmas is fast approaching, so there are a lot of images around with candles, lanterns and stars. Additionally, Halloween is also coming - who wants to add a glow to a bubbling liquid inside a cauldron?

I am going to use a stamp called Snowman Joy from Whimsy Stamps.

Ok, let's start!

Firstly I am going to colour the sky using B0000, B000 and B00. I keep the darker colours close to the horizon and a little behind the snowman. I give the outer edge of the sky a generous 'smoosh' of Colourless Blender so the blue to white transition is nice and soft.

There are two things to think about at this point. Firstly, I want to keep the ink wet so when I add the yellow, it bleeds into wet ink and keeps the transition soft. You can see the ink is wet in the scan above.

Secondly, don't go too heavy with the yellow, keep the darkest colour in the centre of the glow, this will prevent the edge of the glow turning green.

Before I apply the yellow, I add a layer of Colourless Blender. You can see how much I used on the scan above. I added Y000 only to the centre, the remaining wet area looks a darker blue than the sky because it is wet, but the wetness is allowing the yellow to gently seep out without a harsh edge.

You will also notice I have taken the yellow over the whole lantern, a part of the hat and the lantern cane. When you complete the colouring, apply colour gently over the top of this area and the yellow will show through, increasing the glow effect.

While the Y000 is still wet, add Y00 to the centre of the glow area.

Again, while the ink is still wet, add Y04 to the centre of the glow area. Let this dry and then finish the image...

Copics Used...
Sky; B0000, B000, B00, Colourless Blender
Yellow Glow; Y000, Y00, Y04, Colourless Blender
Flame; Y04, Y17, YR04
Snow; B0000, N0, N1, N3
Hat/ Lantern; N3, N5, N7
Lantern Cane; N1, N3
Yellow; Y04, Y13, Y17
Orange; Y17, YR04, E07
Turquoise; BG53, BG57
Green; YG23, YG17
Pink; RV55, RV17
Red; R43, R35, R37

Thanks so much for stopping by... Have a great day.

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Sue said...

This is gorgeous and a really useful tutorial - Thank you lovely