Thursday, December 28, 2017

Copic airbrush

Hi Copic lovers; welcome to the Copic Marker Europe Blog.

For my DT inspiration today I'm using my Copic Airbrush in an "not usual copic colouring project".

This is the finished project picture (some mixed media candles), but after that, you've got step by step pictures on how I made it.

I'm using Fimo Light Modelling Paste as it quickly air dries.

Start modelling the design you desire

 I covered the outside of the candle metal support with my clay

 Time to colour my clay. I always when I'm using the Airbrush usually start by refilling my marker

The usual position (we could use either nib but this explanation could be for an another tutorial) for the marker into the Airbrush gun looks like this

Start airbrushing the clay

You can also skip the clay step and go directly to colour the metal surface of the candle holder directly

Now take one stencil of your choice and put it onto the top of the candle to airbrush a little design directly to the candle wax

Your project will look something like this

Add some wax to the Fimo and.......voilá.......some pretty tealight personalised candle in mixed media style using your Copics.

I hope you have enjoyed my post and hope you found it inspiring

Have a nice day.


honeybearle said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing!
Regards from Germany, Elke

Mi Pequeño Tesoro said...

Wow!! I don't have words!!! It's an amazing proyect!!! I do love it!!