Monday, December 25, 2017

Cicci 25th Dec Mo Manning

Hi Friends.
I hope you all have a great Christmas time :0))
We celebrate Christmas here in Sweden 24th December, so we saw Santa yesterday, but I know some of you are still waiting for him :0)

Today its my turn (Cicci) to show you some colouring here at Copic Europa Blog.
 I want to show how I coloured this Christmas bauble.

Copic Markers used for the Bauble:
R24  R27 29 35 39 59  R14

The image I have used is Little Elf Finn, by Mo Manning.

Copic Markers Combo:
Skin: E50 51 0000 000 13 11 04 R22 20 24
Red: R24 14 27 29 37 35 39 59
Pants: Y21 26 E23 29 25 Y00
Hat: W1 3 5 E41 E31 
Shoes: Y00 Y02 FY1 Y26 

I start with R24.

Continue with the darkest marker R59.

Add R29 on the place that I  have coloured with R14.

Add R24 like this.

Add R37 to the area that you have coloured with R24.

Add R39 at the bottom of the bauble.

Blend out with R37.

Blend that part with R35.

Here I have coloured a half circle for extra highlights. I used R37 and R59.
Blend with R27 in the little circle.

Add some R29 like this.
In the white area you see in the photo above I added R24 and then I blend with R24 27 35.

I also draw one more little circle in the same way I did the first one.

Blend over the whole image with R24.

At the end I add a lot of the darkest marker to create more depth in the colouring. I add R59 on the side where I stated to colour at the beginning.

If you want to make some more shine in your bubble you can make that with your Blender. It can look like this:


  It's a wonderful image that I love to colour. I think I made a new tradition for myself :0)) 
- Always colour this image at Christmas time.

Happy Holidays!!!!



Deonna B said...

You are so talented Cicci! I love all of your work. Merry Christmas!

Cicci said...

Thank you Deonna !! Happy ypu like it !!! Merry christmas to you to Deonna !!! HUGS

Jeanie Ellis - Scrapbookingmamaw said...

Your coloring is so amazing! You are such a talented lady! Beautiful work, Cicci! xxx

Juanita said...

Great Cicci!

Cicci said...

Hi Jeanie;))) Thank you so Much !! You made My day sweet lady 😄 HUGS to you Jeanie

Cicci said...

Hi Juanita
Thank you so Much ! Happy for your kind words!! HUGS 😄

Gerrittina said...


Cicci said...

Thank you Gerrittina:))) happy ypu like it :))