Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Alice in Wonderland is definetely my favourite fairytale, I love the characters, the magical worlds and all the odd things that happen. Quite recently I saw part two, Alice Through the Looking Glass. I enjoyed it alot....

It reminded me of this image that I bought some time ago. It's a lovely Mad Hatter by the East Wind. The image is coloured with Copic Markers of course ;-).

I started colouring the face using E50 and E51 for some light shading. When I'm happy with the shadows I use a BV0000 to define them a bit more. For the deepest shadows on her face I use a B0000 also. Than I go to E00, to make the face look a bit warmer. A face is usually built up with cooler and warmer spots depending on where the skin is thicker or thinner. 
Around the eyes I use a W1 and 3 because the eye sockets lay deeper than the rest of the face and therefore cast more shadows than any other part. 

Then I blend all previous layers together with E0000. 

For the hair I used E09 and YR14,15 and 18. Highlights are added with YR23.
This time I started with the darkest colours first. I have used the same colour combinations for the scarf around the hat and the one around her neck.

I have used the BG series for colouring her coat and hat. I started with BG09 the darkest colour working my way back to the lightest colour using BG07, 05 and 02. All layers were blended together with BG01. After the blending the darkest parts weren't dark enough, so I added some BG75 to get more depth. 

The quote I used is by the Mad Hatter, I have written the words with a Molotov acrylic paintmarker (liquid chrome) and outlined all the letters with a Copic Multiliner 0.3 mm. 

And this is the finished page in my art journal.

Have a wonderful day.


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