Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tutorial - Night Background

This time my visit to Europe Copic Blog is to share a tutorial.
This is my way of colouring a night background with a moon and stars, this is a light source.

It's simple, I used a digital stamp from Di's Digi Downloads.
First coloring the stamp, then I make the background and start by ...

I add a yellow around the moon and stars, almost imperceptible, It can also be left blank.
I used Y000.

At the edge of the paper, I add my darkest colour, B99, working towards the image.

I blend the previous colour with B97, and cover more area.

Around the image I would add, without touching the moon and stars, B93, a lighter colour.

Add intense colour in intermediate parts, with B95.

I add more intense colour on the outside, B99.

And I add more colou, a little less intense near the image, B97.

Repeat the process, but by doing little polka dots for texture.
And this is all!!!

Stamp ready for my card...

Copic colours I used:

Background: B99, B97, B95, B93, Y000.
Moon and Stars: Y11, YR31, YR21.
Mice: W3, W1, N3, N1.

If you've come this far, thanks for reading.
I hope this is useful for colouring. See you soon!

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