Thursday, December 10, 2015

Making clouds with the activatorspray

 Hi Copic friends,

This is my first Copic Tutorial for the Copic Marker Europe Blog.
 I decided to teach you how to make clouds with the Activator Spray.

Start with making a background with your Airbrush.

For the next step you will need a rubber stamp (I'm using a cloud-stamp  by Katzelkraft), an acrylic stampingblock, a bottle of Copic Activator and a tissue.

Spray the Activator on the rubber Cloud stamp.
Remove the excess of the Activator Spray from your acrylic stamping block with a tissue.

Tip: Do this immediately after spraying because Activator Spray evaporates very quickly.

Stamp the clouds on your background. 

Press it gently and let the stamp rest for a few seconds so the Activator Spray can react with Copic Ink.

When you remove the stamp, you will see that the ink has been diluted  by Activator Spray.
It  looks a bit smudgy now, but the print will get more crisp if you give the spray a litte time to dry.

I've  used different cloud stamps  to create  a beautiful cloud cover.

I've used a limited range of Copic colours.

So you can see that you can create maximum impact with just a few colours.
All the stamps I have used, are by Kaztelkraft.

Here are the colours I've used for this project.:

Sky: B04

Grass: YG05
Blue shades: B000-B00-B01-b02-B05
Orange/yellow shades: YR02- YR04-YR07-YR09 and Y11-Y13-Y17-Y19
Yellow shades:Y11-13-17-19
Orange shades: YR02- YR04-YR07-YR09
Green shades: YG01-YG03-YG05-YG09
Grey shades: C0-C1-C3
Pink: R20
Thank you very much for your visit, have a great day! Hugs,


Lia vdB said...

Ooow, that easy..... I'm going to give it a try! Thanks Saskia.



Jenine said...

A great tutorial :) Want to try this :)

Hugs Xx

Gery said...

Wat een prachtwerk!!
Groetjes Gery