Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Alice in Wonderland (Manga version )

Good morning everyone

Here we are at the May post! I love Alice in Wonderland, I love Manga, so I decided to combine the two for this tutorial

Drawing with Copic multiliner

E0000, E00 and RV52 for the complexion

B60, B000, B02 and B97 for the eyes

B000, B93 and B97 for the dress.
B60, C5 and C3 for the shadow of the apron, for the petticoat and for the collar.

Y000, E41 and E43 for the hair.
C5, C7 and C10 for the ribbons

BG15, BG05, BG11 and BG75 for the potion

C10, C7 and B60 for socks and shoes

E35, E15 and B60 for the license plate "drink me "

After making the highlights with a white gel pen, this is the final result.

Thanks for the attention
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