Monday, April 22, 2024

Cicci color with T-combo :)

Hi COPIC lovers 
Cicci here posting, today  Im going to color a face with the T-family. 

Step 1 

I started to make a sketch-for a face 

Step 2 
Renmive  all the lines from your pencil 
I used one C-COPIC here to make the lines for the face C0 
Step 3 
Start with T1 

Step 4 
Add T4 and blend with T1 

Step 5 
Add T1 

 Step 6 
Add T5 for the shadows  

Step 7 
Add and blend with T1 

Step 8 
Here aI go over with all the colors I used before one more time. 

Step 9 
If you want a darker face you continue to color with T5 and T7 and then blend with a lighter marker 

Thats all for me today 
Lots of HUGS & SMILES 
Happy coloring and welcome to visit us anytime !!

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