Thursday, February 22, 2024

Cicci color green and Yellow

Hi COPIC lovers 

Nice to see you!! Cicci here posting. Today Im going to color with my favorite colors, green and yellowgreen !! 

Forest and just green and little yellow ;)


Step one 

I drew a sketch, just a few lines for the Wood.

Step 2 
Add Y000 

Step 3 
Add G20 

Step 4 
Add G40 

Step 5 
Add G24 

Step 6
Add YG17  

Step 7 
Blend with G24

Step 8
Add G28

Step 9
Add G24

Step 10 
Go over with G25 G20  and blend with the lighter marker

Step 11
Blend with FYG1
Blend all over the other colors 

Step 12 

Go over with all the markers and blend a lot!!


Happy coloring and welcome to visit us again 




BAstelfeti said...


Greetings BAstelfeti

Sandra H said...

So beautiful x