Sunday, January 22, 2023

Cicci makes a eye

 Hi friends!

Cicci here, posting from Sweden. Today I am color a eye with the C family of the markers. LOVE to create with just the grey!!

Step 1

I made a sketch for a simply Eye 

Step 2 

Erase all lines  from the pencil 
Start with C2 and draw the lines again.
You can use a  lighter grey if you like 
C0 and C1 can be used as well 

Step 3
Draw the contours of the eye  with C10

Step 4
Add C7

Step 5 
Blend with C1

Step 6 
Add C5 and blend with C0

Step 7
Go over with C10 C7 C3 C2 
one morse time 
Blend a lot with the lighter markers 

Step 8 
Go over with C7 C3 and C1 again

At the end I added some highlights in the eye with a white 
Sakura gelé-pencil.
Also I used a COPIC Multi liner 0,3 Black and added more eyelashes and euebrow

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