Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Winter girl

 Hi COPIC friends

Cicci her posting!! First snow here in Sweden and its nice to be inside my place and halvung fun with my COPICs!! 

Today Im going to make a little winter scen. My way to color this one is to just color and not think to much- go with your feelings. 

I have used just blue, bluegreen and violett markers and  little  Yellow markers.

Step 1 

Make a sketch 

Step 2 

Remove all the lines and start to color the same lines with 

BG09 and blend with BG32

Step 3 
Color/draw a Forest with BG32 then add some BG09 
Blend with BG32

Step 4
Remove all the lines in the face and color them with BV000

Step 5 
For the face I used RV000

Step 6 
Add BV000

Step 6 
Add B02 for  the hair 
Step 7 
I continue the color the hair with B41, BG10 and
 added some violett 
Also I added some shadow at here face with B41 and blend ed with BG10  

Step 8
For the next step I have color with BG23 BG10 
And BG09 BV02 BV000
Here I  added  lots of colors without thinking to much 
Just color from your heart!! 
At the end I addes some Yellow Y08 

I hope you try at hone and see you in december 
Welcome to visit the blogg whenever you feel like it!


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