Monday, November 22, 2021

Cicci Coloring a Blue Ornament

Hi COPIC lovers !!

Cicci here posting, today I'm going to color a blue Christmas ornament

COPIC combo
BG02 BG09 B39 B34 BG000
C10 C3 C2
White gelé pen Sakura

Step 1
Draw a Christmas |Ornament

Step 2
Add BG02

Step 3
Add BG09

Step 4
Blend with BG02

Step 5
Add B39

Step 6

Add B34 and Blend with BG02
Add more BG09 and blend again with BG02 and BG000

I have made a lots of layers with a few COPIC markers and I have blend a lot between Every layers with BG02 B34 and BG02

At the end I add some lines and dots

Have a wonderful day everyone!!


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