Monday, March 22, 2021

Cicci and the Easter Witch

 Hi Friends

Cicci here posting! Today I going to color a hat for a special lady!!

A little Easter witch!

Step 1

I draw a little witch

Step 2 
Add some Y02 for the shine from the moon

Step 3
Add E51 

Step 4
Add Y08

Step 5
Add E23

Step 6 
Blend with E55

Step 7 
Add E57

Step 8
Blend with E51

Step 9
Add more E57

Step 10
Add and blend with E11

Step 10
Add FYR1 

Step 11
Add E47

Step 12
Add and blend E55 and Y02 

Step 13
Add YG13

Step 14 
Add YG17 and blend withYG05

Step 15
Blend with YG05

Step 16
Add G28

Step 17 
Blend with E55 and E51  
you can add more Y02 for more shine 
Last I did some dots with a gel pen

Have a wonderful Easter and see you soon
Lots of Smiles and Hugs 

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