Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Green Leaves Cicci

Hi Copic Lovers
Cicci  here posting! 
I hope you all have a great summer
I'm going to show you, how I did this green leaves. 
Summer and lots of green colors outside and I love it!!
Its the best time over the year!
I hope you try this tutorial together with me

Copic Markers I have used is

Step 1
Draw some leaves 

Step 2
Use YG03 and leave some area that you don't color 
That area makes the lines in the leaf

Step 4
Add  YG17

Step 5
Add G29

Step 6
Blend with YG17

Step 7
Blend with YG03

Step 8
Add G28

Step 9
Add and blend with G24

Step 10
Now its time to color the lines.
I used Y02
You can use an other yellow if you like the lines darker or lighter

Step  11
Blend and color with G20 over the lines that you colored with the yellow markers

Step  12
Add more of G29

Step 13
Add and make some details with G28
Go over the leave again and blend until you are happy with the results
Use G20 and YG03 for blending


Have a wonderful summer and welcome again anytime you like!

Hugs and Smiles
 from us here at Copic Europe Blog

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