Sunday, April 26, 2020

Flowers are like Friends

Hello lovely Copic friends, for today's post I used a cute image by Sybile Art. 

I always start with the skin tones. My first layer is the E50. 

For shading I use the BV00.

Add E00 on the BV00. This way you create a warm skintone. 
Blend all layers together with E000.

When colouring the hair I always start with the darkest colour , this is the E09.

Blend with the YR09.

My lightest haircolour is the YR04. While blending your darker colours could end up a little paler than you want, in that case I always  add the darker colours again.

Use the B06 as your darkest colour.

Add the B04 next. 

And blend all layers together with the B02. 

I have chosen a purple- pinky colour, I start wtih the RV63.

Use as a shadowcolour the RV69. 

Blend all layers together with the RV63.

For the flower heart I use the YR14  and the Y15. 

Blend with the Y17.
Because her face looked a little pale I added some extra R21 and RV63. 

Now it's time to colour the leaves and I start with the YG11. 

I use YG11 and B00 for the wings.

Add the YG17 and the YG13 to the leaves. 

Blend all layers together with YG11.

I also add some Y13 to the leaves. 

Cut out your image and glue to a nice background, I had this one in my stash. 

See you all next month

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Margreet said...

Prachtig kleurwerk!
xxx Margreet