Thursday, March 26, 2020

Dance with the Waves

Hello dear Copic friends.

 For today's blogpost I have used a lovely mermaid by Stéphanie Sybile Art. The photographs will show my colouring process and the colours that I have used. 

I always start with colouring the skin first. The first layer is E50. For shading I use BV00. 

Add E00 on top of the BV00 to create a warm skin tone. 

Blend all layers together with E000. 
Sometimes the colours fade out too much while blending with E000. In that case I add some E00 and BV00 again to bring back some of the depth.

Use the  RV04 to add some blush on her cheeks  and blend out with RV02 and E000. 

I use the BG02, BG05 and BG07 for her eyes. 

 The eyes rarely have just one colour, normally you can find different colours if you take a closer look. To make the eyes more sparkling I add some green, YG23 (the photograph is a little out of focus but luckily you can still the effect of adding some green to the eyes). 

Further more I use a black Copic multiliner and a white marker for the eyes too. 

Her tail will be pinky orange and I start with  RV02, Y13 and YR12. 

Then I use the  RV09, RV06, RV04, RV02, YR18, YR16, YR15 and YR12. 

I use the same colours for the rest of her tail: RV09, RV06, RV04, RV02, YR18, YR16, YR15 and YR12. This time I add some yellow too to make the transition from pink to orange a little bit easier. I use the Y13, Y18 and Y19. 

For the tiny tail use the YR18, YR16, YR15 and YR12.

I have used warm colours for the mermaid so I decided to use a cool colour for her hair. I start with the BG09. Using a complimentary colour make the other colours pop. 

Than use the BG07. 

Add the BG04.

And blend all layers together with BG02. 

For the cute flower I use YR12 and YR18. 

Add YR16 and  YR15 and blend together with YR12. 

For the stars use Y13, Y15, Y18 and Y19. 

I use RV02, RV04 and  RV09 for the coral and hearts (allthough later on I decided not to use the hearts any longer, because they were too tiny to cut out, I drew some myself). 

And this is the end result. I have used a quote by C.A. Martine. 

Stay safe and we'll see each other again in April


Sandra H said...

So beautiful your colouring is stunning thank you for sharing this x

Unknown said...

Absolutely stunning. Thank you for the tutorial.