Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Colouring Roses

For today's project I used a stamp by Studio Light.

Because I want to use this stamp several times, I will to make a mask. Just make an extra print on a sheet of paper and cut it out. I made 2 masks for my project.

Stamp your 1st rose, put on the mask and stamp another rose. 

This is how it will look after you have stamped the rose twice.

I decided to stamp some more roses.

In the background I used some watercolours by Daniel Smith. 
After that is time to paint the roses. Not red but in a lovely yellowish, orange pinkish colour. And of course I am using my Copic markers for this job.

I start with Y32.

Add RV23.

Blend together with Y32.

Add for more depth Y35.

Use the Y32 for blending the layers together.

Use BV00 for shading.

For the leaves and stems I use YG03, YG17 & YG67 and BV01 for shading.

I add some Y04, because the yellow turned out too warm and I was looking for a cooler yellow. 

The 2nd rose: start with Y04 and Y35. 

Blend the colours together with Y04 and add more colour with YR15 and YR16.

I also add some pink, use the  RV25.

Rose no. 3 will be more pink, this time I start with Y32 and RV23.

Add RV25 and RV29 and blend all layers together. 

Rose no.4 will be more orangy. Use the YR15, YR16 and the YR68. 

Add some RV29 next. 

Blend all layers together again. 

I keep using the same colours, just in different combinations. For the last rose I start with Y32, Y35 and Y38.

Add some pink with  RV23 and RV25 and blend all layers together again.

All the leaves and stems will be green. 

I coloured all the leaves and stems with the Y04, YG03, YG13, YG17 and YG67.

I add some Copic markers in the background too together with some Derwent coloured pencils. 

And this is my finished project. 

Hope you like it, see you next month


Sandra H said...

Totally stunning x

ike said...

Awesome !!

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