Friday, January 26, 2018

art journalpage

Hi everyone, I have been working on this journal page for the last few days. 
All the images on my page are coloured with Copic Markers. 

 I start with a thin layer of E50. The E50 is a cool beige and perfect for skin tones. 
After the E50 I use the BV00 for shadows. Next layer will be E00. Normally you shouldn't blend a yellow with purple, but in case of the E50 and BV00 you will get a very good skin tone. 
Blend all layers together with E000.

For the eyes I use YG13 . Add some YG17 and YG67 for more depth. I also use the greens for eyeshadow. Add all the colours in layers first and blend them together with YG13.

I use a lovely pink for the lips. I start with RV02. For the upperlip I use RV04. make some more shadow with RV06 and RV09. Blend all layers together again with the RV02.

I use the same pinks for the roses. Start with RV02. Use RV04 for the darker parts of the roses. And give more depth using the RV06 and RV09. Blend all layers together with RV02. 

For the orange flowers I use
YR15, YR16 and YR18.
Blend the layers together with YR15.

For the yellow flower I use Y13, Y15 and Y17. 
As you can see I do not colour very carefully, but I will cut out the images anyway, so it doesn't matter.  But with Copic Markers you can make little corrections quite easily. 

For the stems and leaves I use YG13, YG17 and YG67. 

I wanted to keep the bird white, so I only use some BV00 and W1 for shadowing. 

In the butterfly wings I used all the pinks, yellows and oranges I have used for the other images as well. 

And this is the end result, see you next month.


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