Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How to colour an image in moonlight

Hello Copic Lovers
Nice to see you again on our Copic Blog.
Today I would like to show you how to colour an image in moonlight.

After I drew the image, I made the outlines with a black Multiliner.
I started with C2 and coloured almost the whole cape, I just left the part bright where the moonlight is shining on it.

After that I wanted to be more courageous and took C7 to do the shadows.

 Then I took C10 and made really dark shadows,
 make hard lines where the moon is shining on the cape.
With 110 I made the inside of the cape black.

I blended the other parts with C8, C7 and C4 to make it softer.
I took the black 100 to make some more darker shadows.

The white parts of the cape I coloured with Y000.
With Caran d’ache Supracolor soft white I created some bright accents.

 Then I made the moon also with Y000, the moon craters I did with Y00.

After that I took B32 and made a bright blue part for the sky.

With B34 I made some clouds, 
you can also go over the Yellow moon, it doesn’t get green.

I did the horizon with B37 and also some more darker clouds.

The lights on the water are made with Y000, after that I took B99 to make the water dark.
Just leave some white parts and don’t colour the Y000.

 With B93 I’m going to colour the white parts and also make fine lines into the Y000.
To make the blue more intense I go with B39 over the B99, 
but not the whole part otherwise it’s getting boring.

With Y00 I add some more reflections in the water and after that I took Molotow White to make some highlights in the water and also on the clouds.

To make some brighter parts in the dark clouds,
 I used the Supracolor soft pencil again.

I will not explain the rest of the image,
 I think you know how to colour her clothes and the wood.
If not, we have a lot of tutorials on this blog where you can take a look.
 Of course I will write down the colours that I used.
The boat pier I coloured with E41, E44, E49 and E47.
Her dress is made with BG93, BG96, BG99 and W6
For her leather corset I used E49, E59, E57 and E23

Her skin is made with YR00, E11, E01 and the shadow in her face is E71.
The hair is made with E40, E42, E43, E44 and C5 for the darkest parts.
The colour of the sea B99, B93, B39 and Y000
The clouds B32, B34, B37
The moon Y000 and Y00
Her cape 110, 100, C10, C8, C7, C4 and Y000

I hope you like her and you can use my tutorial.

I wish you all a very nice day and hope to see you soon again.

Hugs Juanita

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