Saturday, May 27, 2017

A pre-historic card!

Hello everyone, it’s Sandra from Portugal!

It’s funny how, in a boy filled house, I often end up coloring girly themes. To counter it, this month I decided to create a boyish card. I had this "dinomite" digistamp  from Tiddly Inks for a long time already, and finally got to colour it.

I relied on Sandy Allnock’s Hex Chart to pick nice and smooth colour combos. It is so much easier when colours blend well together and this chart is a good tool to achieve it, with colour combinations you wouldn’t think about at first instance.

I first coloured the stegosaurus (that’s the dinosaur on the back), using G21, YG63, G94, and G46. For its plates I used R30, R32 and R35. I liked the contrasting colours very much!

It was then time to colour the other dinosaur, (can it be a brontosaurus?) and I used B21, B34, B37 and B39.

For the boys' “clothes” I used YR12, YR15 and YR04. 

And then E81, E84 and E87 for his shoes (and E44 for the strings/laces). For the club I chose E42, E43 and E44. 

I then coloured the hair with E50, YR31, YR24,  and E35.

And finally the skin, using markers E000, E00, E11 and E21.

I added some (shy) cast shadows on the floor, and this is the finished card:

I hope you like it!

Here is a list of all the markers I used:

Stegosaurus: G21 / YG63 / G94/ G46, and R30 / 32 / 35

Brontosaurus: B21 / 34 / 37 / 39

Clothes: YR12 / 15/ 04 

Shoes: E81 /84 / 87 (and E44 for the strings/laces).

Club: E 42 / 43 / 44 

Hair: E50 / YR31/ YR24 / E35.

Skin: E000 / 00 / 11/ 21.



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Rubymeagher said...

Absolutely awesome!