Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day with handlettering and doodles

Hello there, it's Blankina here, are you ready for Valentine's Day?
I have a new hand drawn Copic design for you, 
 again a mix of hand lettering and doodling, including photo's I have made during the process.
 I hope that you might get an idea how you can make your own design too.

First you start with a drawing with a pencil.
If you use words, it is easier to draw them from the middle of the word, 
working out to the first and last letters.

Simply count the letters of each word.
In the middle of your design you should make a small vertical line,
now you can start putting the letters around this vertical line , 
half on the left side, half on the right side.

I have written the text in different styles (fonts), 
mine are hand written so not perfect but at least they are original hand lettering :) 
(but if you wish you can also use computer fonts).

The next step is to "copy" your design with Multiliners, I have used a piece of vellum,
With my black copic multiliner I have done  the outlining of the text and small details.
To copy the big heart I have used a grey Copic Multiliner, 
in this way you can choose to use or not use the outlines of the big heart later.

Now I have scanned my design made with Copic Multiliners on vellum into my computer.
After having scanned the black and grey version
 I have also saved a "total" black version ( including the big heart with black outlines ) .

The fun thing is that you can now print it out in different sizes without ruining your original design. You can try different ways of colouring . 

I have printed out a small version which I have coloured with Copic Multiliners,
 this is a copy of the black and grey version so I have used the text only .
(SP Copic Multiliner black 0.1)
(SP Copic Multiliner red  0.3)
Afterwards I have used a heartshaped die cut and used some Copic Sketch.The silver was added with a Molotow liquid Chrome pen.

I have also printed out a bigger version of the "total" black design, 
which I have coloured with my Copic Sketch .
The big heart was coloured with the Warm Grey ( W ) family.
I have also used a black (100) Sketch to make the lowest text a bit bigger.

The bigger design is almost finished...
I have used my reds for the small hearts, my warm greys for the big heart,
for the big text happy I have used my black Sketch (100) 
and I have added some stripes with a white gel pen to give it a fun accent .
On the text day I have added some "faux stitching" on the letters with a white gel pen.

The outlines of the word Valentine's and the small hearts 
are accentuated with a SP Copic Multiliner 0.3.

Voilà the end result, hope you like it !

Copic :

Big design : 

Heart : W 2, W 3, W 5, W 6
Valentine's word and small hearts : R 27, R 29, R 59, SP Multiliner black 0.3
Texts : SP Multiliner black 0.1 , 0.3, 100, white gel pen
Flower : B 24, B 29, B 39
Leaves : G 05, G 09

Smaller heart shaped design :

SP Multiliner red 0.3, SP Multiliner black 0.3 
SP Multiliner cool grey 0.3
white gel pen, molotow liquid chrome pen

Hugs Blankina

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Margreet said...

Awesome! Thanks for the clear explanation!
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