Friday, September 2, 2016

Lettering with Copics

Copic has some great products for lettering like the Copic Markers,  Copic Multiliners and the new Copic Gasenfude.

 I've tested the gasenfude and I just love this new brushmarker.

The gasenfude has a wonderful brush and can be used in combination with all your copic markers. 

The nylon brush makes lettering easy

The gasenfude is perfect for doodling too.

From left to right I increased the pressure on the brush and as you can see, you can make either a very thin line or very thick one. This is very convenient with lettering also.

Some more doodles, just playing with thick and thin lines.

Because I love playing with different markers I decided to play some more and make this little card. I used the gasenfude, copic markers and copic multiliners. And a wonderful quote by Katherine Hepburn.

I added a few thin pencil lines to guide me a little and wrote down the words using different kind of markers. 

I coloured some of the words with Copic Markers.

used the  BG05, YG06, FRV1, FY1 andY38 for colouring the words.

Thought it needed a little extra so I added some flowers and swirls too.

For the background I used some aquamarkers and because all the Copic Makers, Multiliners and the 
Gasenfude are waterproof you don't need to worry about smudging your project. 

have a creative day
see you next time


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