Monday, November 30, 2015

Tilda and Frosty


It's time for me, Christina, to inspire you and I do it with a Christmas card. It's almost time to send them. A couple of weeks more and then they are off! 
I just love to do Christmas cards and I'm usually finished by now because the past years I have made 1-2 card a month but not this year. 

Not only do I love Christmas cards, I love doing them clean and simple.

Here is Tilda with Frosty the Snowman wishing Merry Christmans or God Jul in Swedish.

Don´t you just love coloring in red? I know most of you think it´s difficult but I think if you practice and practice you will come to love it! 

Here are the pens I have used:

Skin E04-11-02-YR00-000
Här E51-53-99
Red T5-E19-08-R27
Dark Grey C8-6-4
Mittens/hat C4-2-1
Shadow C2-0

Have a wonderful day!