Sunday, May 10, 2015

Coloring with red...

Hi there everyone, Åsa here today sharing some tips and tricks.

I guess it´s not only me finding it quite a challenge coloring red.

Here comes some tips on what to think about.

In coloring, with any medium actually, choosing paper is one of the most important details to consider for a good end result. When coloring with red, it´s even more important!
Softer papers tend to bleed more than denser ones.

You need a good paper, at least 200 g thick, to avoid oversaturating the paper and causing bleeding.
I have used the Perfect Coloring Paper (250 g).

One more thing to think about is being really careful when laying the ink near the lines of your image. Know that reds will travel along the paper fibers quickly.

Here are my image, colored and ready for the red ink.

I always divides the area into smaller sections, and colors a little bit at a time.
I start with my lightest color R35 and marks out my darkest areas.

Then I do the same but with my darkest color R59.
In this way I can see if the shadows doesn´t look ok already in the first step.
If Im not happy with the result I can adjust it easily just because I used the lightest color.

Then I use my middle color R37 and blend out the area a little bit.
Don´t forget to leave space for the lightest highlight.

Then I use the lightest color again R35 and fill out the rest of the spaces.

And then you just do the same to the rest of the skirt.
I usually use a middle color R39 in the end, just to bring the dark areas a little more.
But with red ink, Im always careful NOT to go over the area to many times. Not making it bleed out.

And here are the end result!

And -TA-DA- the finished card.

I have used the following copic:
Skin: E11-21-00-000-R11
Hair: E49-47-44-43-42
Red: R59-39-37-35

I hope you like it!
Big hugs.


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Gr Karin

Scraptastisch said...

Thanks for the tips and tricks, how to coloring the dress on this way!
Many thanks xx Gerie