Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tutorial: Adding darker colors to an image to create depth

Hi copic friends,
I remember when I first started coloring, I was so afraid to use the darker colors . I bought I rarely used them. So afraid to ruin my image.

So I thought I would show you what a difference it makes to get some contrast in the image to create depth. If you are a beginner you can easily find the darker matching color by looking at the copic color wheel and choosing a higher spesific value in the same color family and color group (the last number on the marker). For example if you use R81 you can add R83- R85- R89.

On this image by Saturated Canary I used two or three markers in each blending group. Only the lighter ones.

Some people prefer the lighter colors, and thats okay if you do. But what happends if you add the darker colors?

First I added E49 to the hair to define the deepest shadows. And more E44 to blend. Finally I went over with E40 to smothen it up. 

Next the face. I had colored using E000 and E21 and E93 for the cheeks and lips.
Here I added E13- E11and R20 for the cheeks and lips. The face looks a lot less flat than before.
(And by the way a tip is to color the face before the hair, it is so easy to drag some of the darker browns into the face and ruin your image - learning the hard 

Originally I used R81 and V000 for the pinks.
I added E89-85-83 ont the flowers, t-shirt and skirt. 

I used E41 and 43 for the apron and parts of the skirt. Here I added E47 and 44, and some more E43, E42 and E41 for a good blend. 
 On the basket I originally used E33-E31 and E30
I added E37 and E35, and used the other three again to blend. 

For the gloves and legs I used C1 and C00.
I added C7- C5 and C3 for deeper shadows and used C1 and C00 again. 

 On the leaves I originally used G43 and G40.
I added G99 and G46 and G43 and G40 again. 

Here are the two images. Look how different they are.

And here is my finished card: 
Papers are Pion Design. Flowers are by WOC and Kort og Godt. Butterfly by Magnolia. 
Sentiment stamps by Norsk Stempelblad AS.

And here's the inside of my book card.

Hope you'll challenge yourself to try!

Hugs, Elizabeth


Aileen said...

Perfection, so beautiful

Danielle Vincent said...

This was really wonderful the way you showed us the differences. Thanks for the tips and some new color combos to try!

Edith said...

Elizabeth, your card looks great! Love how you added depth! Thanks for the detailed description!

Cathy P said...

I love to see how you changed the cards using the deeper colors. I definitely love the 2nd image. Thanks for the opportunity and for coloring both images.

Bastelverliebt said...

WOW! Ein Unterschied wie Tag und Nacht. Der hat mir die Augen geöffnet. LG Petra