Sunday, February 16, 2014

Coloring Jeans Tutorial

Hello! I'm Cristina Valenzuela  and I am a new member of the Copic Marker Europe Blog's designteam .

It's my turn to teach a simple tutorial on coloring jeans.
I chose a stamp by Elisabeth Bell for my step by step coloring .

Often I have been asked how to color jeans.
One of the best options are the Copic colors from, the color family B ( blues ) and the nineties numbers ( 91, 93 , 95, 97 and 99 ) .

I'm going to color this picture using these colors, a piece of jeans fabric and Activator .

First, I color everything I want to lookt like jeans with the lighter shade B91 .

 Then I add the shadows with darker B97 . I'm going to color from dark to light on a colored base and a clear color.

 Blending on B97 to B95 .

 Blending on B95 to B93 .

 And finally, apply Activator to a piece of jeans fabric and affixed it on my colored jeans  to give it texture and realism.

And this is the result! I hope you find it useful and practice a lot.

One more tip for a much more realistic result: Color everything as shown above, but before printing the fabric of jeans cover the image with W3. This has the effect of dirty or worn jeans. Finally apply the Activator with the piece of jeans fabric as before.
(This example image is from Sureya)

Copic colors that I used:
Jeans: B91 , B93 , B95 , B97 .
Shirt: R00 , R11.
Skin: E21 , E11 , E02 , E00 .
Bear : E51 , E53 , E55 , E57 , E44 .
Hair: E41 , E43, E44 , E47 .
Reds : R59 , R35 , R32 .
Head Band : C0, C1 and R35 .

Hugs and Kisses!


Cinzia C. said...

Hello Cristina, welcome on the team!!!
This tutorial is amazing,I'll have to try it (after getting the activator...) and let me say that your colouring is absolutely fabulous.
The Sureya's image is breathtaking, the color combo is great so as the lightness of your touch enhances the image delicate elegance.
Have a nice Sunday

l´estoneta de la gemma said...

soy Gemma muchas gracias por el tuto ya se que Copics usar y comprar para un tejano,y lo más importante como hacerlo

Manuela Navarro said...

Mira que me cuesta pintar...pero esta tarde no pasa que lo pruebe!
Un gran tuto!!!

Manuela Navarro said...

Mira que me cuesta pintar...pero esta tarde no pasa que lo pruebe!
Un gran tuto!!!

Becky said...

wow, thanks for this tutorial.

Sandra H said...

Wow amazing!! thank you for the tutorial the end results are stunning beautiful card too x

Cindi said...

Thank you for this tutorial, it is great. I cannot wait to order some activator and try this. TFS

Mari K. said...

Thank you for this tutorial, can't wait to try it out.