Thursday, November 29, 2012

Changes in our Design Team


recently we have placed a DT call, we got a lot of responses, 
 4 new talented ladies from 4 different countries will join us. 
They will stay also in the next period.
kürzlich hatten wir einen Designteam-Aufruf.
Wir haben viele Antworten bekommen.
Vier neue talentierte Ladies aus 4 verschiedenen Ländern
 werden sich uns anschließen.
Sie werden bis zum 15. Juli 2013 bei uns bleiben. 

I want to welcome these ladies, we hope you have a good time with us and you will give us a lot of great projects and ideas from you,
Ich möchte diese Ladies wilkommen heißen, wir hoffen, dass wir alle eine gute Zeit miteinander haben werden, und dass ihr viele großartige Projekte und Ideen mitbringt.

greetings DT CME


Mariska said...

Congratulations ladies!!! I am already a huge fan of Franz (waving) and also adore Asa's gorgeous work Vicky and Angie are new to me but I've been to both your blogs and your work is just stunning. Welcome to the group!!!

Sandra H said...

Congratulations to you all and especially Vicky as l know her blog quite well and Vicky's creations and colouring is done to perfection well done xx

Blankina said...

Most of you have familiar faces...

Ciao Blankina

Keren Mostov said...

What a talented addition, welcome you all gals to our team!
Waiting to see your work,
Hope you will enjoy your time with us!

Anonymous said...

great addition to the CME team ... have fun, girls! It is all about fuN!