Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Copic Certification in Barcelona Spain


a Copic Certification Class has been held on the 6 of september in Barcelona, in sunny Spain.

Our Copic Instructor Britta Rumpf-Burblies was the teacher of this class.

After getting the Designer Certificate there was a photo shoot to preserve the memory of this special event .

We want to congratulate all our new Copic Designers from Spain, welcome in the Copic-Europe Community.

Felicidades a todos.

Briita thank you help us expand the European Copic Community.


Blankina said...

After Spain Italy??? Still improving my copic is only this year that I have started using them but I love the! Please let me know when you will be around here...

Hugs Blankina

Lola Azul said...

OMG!!. What a pitty!!. Are you coming again to spain?. I'd be interesting in taking class. I'd like to know a little more about it. Can you give more information?. Thanks!!

Beatriz said...

I missed it! Will there be another course in Barcelona? I would love to learn everything about Copic colouring... Please, let me know!

Farheen Riaz said...

Where can you buy copics in Spain Barcelona please give the address TOOO

Farheen Riaz said...

Where can you buy copics in Barcelona please tell