Sunday, August 12, 2018

You are one of my nicest thoughts!

Goodmorning Copic fans.

Are you enjoing your Summer?

It is a very warm Summer but it does not stop me from colouring,
 I continue to colour up my stamped images . 

This time I have stamped a rubberstamp from Kraftin Kimmie 
onto Perfect Colouring Paper with black tuxedo Memento.

Are you ready ? This is how I have started the colouring.

And probably you would like to see how I have continued to colour and 
what other Copic markers I have used …

Well surprise, surprise.
You can watch my very first colouring video below :).
Please be gentle with me.

So how was the video?

To finish off the card I have also created some handmade flowers.

 I have cut flower petals with a die 
out of a sheet of thin white foam (1mm).
And this time I did not use Copic to colour them but some distress oxide inks.

Love this dreamy girl, 
perhaps she is thinking about all her lovely Copic markers.

I would say that Copic are one of my nicest thoughts,
they bring joy and happiness into my life!

This is the final result.
I did not add too many things, the frame around the coloured stamp is pretty on its own.

Hope to see you soon on the Copic Europe Blog and FB Page again,
thank you for visiting and watching.

Copic : 

E 00, E 11, E 13, E 25, E 29, E 30, E 95, E 97
B 39,B 52, B 93
BV 11, BV 13, BV 17
V 15, V 17
Y 21, Y 23, Y 26
YR 21, YR 24
multiliner lavender 0.3
multiliner black 0.3

stamps : Kraftin Kimmie ; Girls just wanna have fun, rain and shine
dies: Marianne design, Studio Light
papers : Avec
flowers : white foam 1mm , distress oxide mermaid lagoon, wilted violet, strass, glitterglue Rayher

Hugs Blankina

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Colouring a Floral Backdrop

Hi everyone. Sandie here and today I am sharing my colouring on this wonderful fairy stamp and backdrop stamp from Stamping Bella. This scene was created with 2 stamps using the masking technique. 

I always start off by colouring the skin and my go-to colours are E00 and E11 with just a tiny bit of  E04 for extra depth in the shading. 

To do the hair with split pigtails, I took the lightest colour, E50, and drew and imaginary hair line. 

Then I applied E53, flicking outwards from the imaginary hairline. 

I kept going back over with the E51 and E53 until I was happy with the hair. 

I coloured her shorts in blue, using B00, B02 and B04. 

and for her shirt I used V12, V15 and V17. 

For the wings I applied some BG11 and pulled it out a little with BG10. I leave the tips of the wings white. Sometimes I will add Star Dust Stickles to the wings to give them some sparkle. 

Once the little Fairy was finished I moved onto the flowers. 
For the yellows I used Y17, Y15 and Y13. I start with the darkest and work towards the lightest. 

The blue flowers I coloured with B41, B21 and B34. 

I used rich, warm reds for the centre flower - R35, R37, R39

R30 and R32 for the light pink flowers. 

I didn't want the leaves to be all the same colour so I used four combinations. The first one is the YG family - YG01, YG03, YG06 and a little bit of YG17

The second combination is the G40's. These are not colours I typically use a lot of but they worked really well together on the leaves. 
- G40, G43 and G46

The third combination is G20's. These are very similar to the G40's but there is a subtle difference. 
- G20, G21, G24 and G28

On the little flowers I used purple to tie the colours to the Fairy. 
V12, V15 and V17

The fourth combination of greens I used is G82 and G85. Again, this is very similar to the G20's and G40's combinations. 

To finish, I applied some N3 to the daisies to create a little bit of shadow. I blended the N3 with some colourless blender. 

The card measures 5.5" x 4.25" and I added a die cut sentiment, which I layered with white behind the black.  

Thanks for dropping by, and I do hope you are inspired to reach for your markers today.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

No Lines Fairy

Hi Everyone, it's Faye here today :)

This month, I thought I would ink up one of my favourite fairies; Whimsy Stamps Mazarine Fairy. 

I have coloured her many times already, I just adore her. Because I've coloured her so often, I wanted to push myself to do something different with her. 

I've already coloured her with 'out of my comfort zone' colours. I've coloured her as a redhead. I've coloured her with No Lines. 

So, what should I do this time? I decided to go with a darker skin tone than I would normally reach for and I have also used the No Lines Technique.

I have taken photos at each stage of the process to show it is not as scary as it sounds!

Are you ready? Let's go...

I started with the skin first. Normally I would colour lighter areas before darker areas so I don't pull any of the darker colours into the lighter colours.

As these were different colours for me, I wanted to play around with them before I did other things on the image - If I decided I didn't like how the skin came out, I wouldn't be grumpy about wasting time, or discarding something with a different area I felt I had coloured well.

I used a pencil to mark the pupils and drew in a space for the eyes so I didn't lose them once I started colouring. 

I coloured the skin dark to light, using E47, E74, E71, E70 with a very, very gentle and quick swipe with E00. 

Next I coloured the hair, light to dark, using N3, N5, N7 and N9.

Time to colour the wings using the Feathering Technique. Again, because these are lighter colours I would have coloured these before the hair. But, I wanted to check the hair and skin were working together before I moved on.

I used BG0000, BG10, RV000 and RV10.

Next I moved onto her dress. On this area, I laid down a medium colour first to plan where my shading was going to be. Then I stepped up to my dark colour and worked down to the lightest. 

I used; YG01, YG03, YG01, YG00.

For the underneath of the skirt, I coloured dark to light, using W5, W3 and YG03.

I wanted to ground the image before I moved onto the shoes. On this occasion, I went light to dark, using W0, W1 and W3. I also used these colours to add a little shading to the whites of the eyes.

Next I accesorised! I gave her a pink hairband, belt and shoes, colouring from dark to light, using W3, R81, RV10 and RV000.

Time for the goggle bongers! That's the boingy pom poms on her headband. This time I went from light to dark, using BG000, BG10, BG11 and BG53 along with YG00, YG01 and YG03.

Next I worked on her fairy wand, colouring dark to light, using Y18, Y13, Y04 and Y11.

Have you noticed how I mix things up? Sometimes I colour light to dark and sometimes I colour dark to light. I have found I get better results by laying down the colour in different ways, depending on the area I am colouring and the technique I am using. 

Don't be afraid to try this - there are no rules - do what works for you :)

Finally I coloured her eyes. I decided to go in with pencil because it was such a small area to deal with and I didn't want to ruin everything I had done before. You could be sure this would be the moment when my hand would slip or a marker decided to blob!

I used a green pencil a black pencil and a white gel pen. 

Job done.

Copics Used...
Skin; E00, E70, E71, E74, E47
Hair; N3, N5, N7, N9
Grounding; W0, W1, W3
Wings; BG0000, BG10, RV000, RV10
Green; YG00, YG01, YG03, W5
Pink; RV0000, RV000, RV10, R81, W3
Turquoise; BG0000, BG10, Bg11, BG53
Yellow; Y11, Y04, Y13, Y18

Thanks so much for stopping by... Have a great day.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Copic Refills on Yupo...

Hello everyone,

It's Sue here today to show you a really fun Copic technique with Copic Refills on Yupo paper.

The items I have used for this technique are - 
a sheet of Yupo paper, Copic Refills 0 Colourless Blender, Y38 and RV55, a small ball tool and a straw. 
First I randomly squeezed some colourless blender over the Yupo paper.  
Then I added a few pools of Y38...
...followed quickly by some patches of RV55
Then I added some more drops of Colourless Blender...
...and quickly blew the blender and the ink over the paper.
I repeated this a couple of times until the ink had spread and I had an effect I was happy with.
Then I put some drops of Y38, Colourless Blender and RV55 into an ink palette...
...and using the small ball tool I picked up a dot of YR38 and placed the ball tool on the inky design.  You will see that the inks work together and a circle develops with a pale inside and a dark outline.
I repeated this with RV55 and kept applying dots over the inky background until I liked the effect!
This is my final design, I had never tried this before so i was really happy with how it turned out!
I could have just stopped there as this is really pretty!
I decided to make a background for a new stamp by 
Stamping Bella - Oddball Sparkle fairy.
Copics - 
Skin - E04, E11, E21, E000
Eyes - B02, B000
Hair - E30, E33, E35, RV21, RV23, RV29
Clothes - RV69, RV66, RV63, E08, YR38, YR09
Wings - C7, C4, C2 and Clear Wink of Stella

I had such fun doing this!  It would be great if you could try this too and show us your cards at
Copic Marker Europe on Facebook.
To find us just follow the link

Thank you for popping by.
Happy Copic colouring


Saturday, July 28, 2018

Keecu the Gatekeeper

Hi there Copic loversElena F here from Scrap-lanak Ganbaran with a little step by step colouring for this fabulous image from The Picsees.

I decided to colour it neutral and I used very "natural" colours.

Here in pictures are the different colouring steps:

Skin: E0000,00, 21, 11, 13

To colour the hat:  E47, 44, 43, 42, 40

I coloured the leather with E13, 15, 09, 18

T-shirt and pants YG91, 93, 95, 97

To give the wings a feel of "forest creature" I choose to colour them opaque with a little greenery: BV00, B91, YG91, 93

...and here's a closer look at the digital stamp colouring:
I finished colouring the cheesecloth with BV00 and BV000 and the scarf with: E42, R81, 83

....but why leave this beautiful image on his own?!
I decided to build a little "forest" scene for him in a few simple steps.

Underground colouring: E00, E13
Grass: YG 93, 95, 97
Some pink dots here and there with R81

Some hanging tree branches with YG99, 97, 95, 93

...and here you've got the picture of my finished colouring project:

I hope you found this post inspiring.
Thanks for sticking with me to the end!