Friday, September 25, 2020

Vintage Gorjuss in video


Hello everyone! It's Delphine here today to share a simple Gorjuss Girl card and video. When you start cardmaking, you don't always have a ton of supplies, but after all, all it takes is a few markers and a stamp, right? So I thought I would share something simple, with very few supplies. Monochrome is a must to me, I like the look of it and the fact that you colour with a limited palette.

Here is my finished card:

The Gorjuss Girl stamp I used is called Thumbelina. I stamped her in Memento Tuxedo Black with an oval negative mask to hide the bottom of her body. I drew around the oval shape using my W0 marker to have the oval around her and then coloured everything with my Copics.
Here is the video of the colouring process:

As you can see in the video, I used Warm Greys only, because they are brownish greys, and I used even numbers. These are available in Sketch markers only, but if you own Ciaos, you can colour using odd numbers plus the W0, so W0, 1, 3, 5, 7 plus Black 100.

Skin: W00, 0, 2, 4
Hair: W6, 8, 10
Dress: W0, 2, 4
Ribbon: W6, 8
Background: W0, 2

Thanks for stopping by today! Hugs,
Delphine xx

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Cicci makes a Cup-cake

 Hi copic Lovers 

Cicci here posting from Sweden. Today Im going to make a cup-cake. 

First Im going to talk about some great things I learned from my father who was an full time artist. He died 2019 and its a big hole without him of course!! 

The little things I know about painting and coloring I have learned from him. Two things he always said about painting was:

-Never use Black!! Its a dead color and it makes your coloring look dirty- so never black!! Use instead dark blue or dark brown. Thats a great thing to know and I always think of him when I do colorings that looks like black. But I never use it. 

The next thing was...

-Always use white in your coloring!! Where you but the white its not the most important-Just use it. 

He also show me how to make paintings with dots. Im going to do this dots when I color the cake so its not so much blending in that part.

Step 1

Draw a Cup-cake

Step 2
Here I use greys and browns for the colors 
thats make the depth in the candy
C3 and E25

Step 3
Add R14 over the brown 
And add E21 over the grey

Step 4
Add R24 for the brown
and now it looks like red instead of brown ;0)
So for the depth using red colors you can use brown
YR31 and C0 for the grey one
The grey colors works at the same way 
for this skin and lighter colors
 as the brown working good with red colors

Step 5
Add a dark E47 in the edges of 
the brown candy

Step 6
Add E233 and blend a little

Step 7
Add Y26 for the other one

Step 8
Add Y28

Step 9
Blend with Y21 
Use Y21 for both

Step 10
I just colors the lines for the 
creme with R30
You can use grey if you 
like-think thats better but to late 
for me to change:)
Step 11
Now I starts to make lots of dots with lots of colors 
Nr 1 is my favorite Copic markers

Step 12 
Continue with Y28 and Y21 again

Step 13
Dots with E99

Step 14
Dots with E95 and blend a little
 with this one 

Step 15
Dots and blend with Y28
Step 16
Add E11 and I added some Y02 as well

Step 17
Blend and make dots with Y21

Step 18
Dots with E37

Step 19
Add and blend with E23

Step 20
Add More of Y02 in the middle

Step 21 
Add more dots and blend with Y26

Step 22
Add E27 at the same way 

Step 23
Add some C0 for the cream
Step 24

Step 25
Add R14
Leave some white here for highligts

Step 26
Add R24

Step 27

Step 28

Step 29
Add Y02

Step 30
YR15 I also used R14 R24 R39 
for the orange
R39 is the darkerst of this 3 markers 

Thank you for visit and 
Welcome again!!

If you want to learn more about coloring with grey markers you can check out some oldies here at the Copic Europe blog

Tutorial about

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Hugs and Smiles 


Saturday, September 12, 2020

Autumn Sunset Scene Slimline Card

 Hi all Copic friends,
The summer is slowly coming to an end and I get in the Autumn colours mood..
What about you? Do you love all those warm colours like me? 
The Copic family YR (yellow red) and the Copic Family E (earth tones) are just perfect.

Today I would like to show you my new slimline card in autumn colours of course using the pretty digital stamp called "Autumn" from Sweet November stamps.

I have printed the digital image and sentiment onto Perfect Colouring Paper with my printer, and afterwards I have used my slimline die from Mama Elephant to cut the shape.

Time to start colouring

 the skin..the scarf.....the cardigan..the gilet..the trousers..the bag ..the boots..

Of course one could stop at this point as the image is fully coloured but I wanted to create  a background too.

You could use stencils and or stamps to create a background or you can  just draw it yourself. But then you need some inspiration right?

As inspiration I have chosen a photo from my lovely holidays at the lake, it was just a guideline to make some kind of background :). 

Ofcourse first I start to draw some lines with light colour ( E 30 ) in this way  I can still add details or slightly change the scene in case I do not like it. 

When you use a pencil you should be aware that pencil covered by Copic will not erase that is why  I have decided to colour the scene directly with my Copic.

I know it is a bit scary but once you start it will get better .. and if you really don't like the result you can still fuzzy cut the image and put it onto design paper hi hi .

Please see my short video below of the colouring process of this card..

Here is the final result,
to complete the card I have added two leaves, cut with my I-crafter dies.

The top layer of the leaves was coloured with my Copic and on the green paper I have sprayed some distress mica spray this way some sparkle was added.

Hope you have enjoyed my post .

Please try to create your own background too, it is fun and as always practice..practice..practice.

Here are the Copic  colours I have used :

Skin : E 00, E 11, E 04, R 20, R 22

Hair : YR 21, E 99, E 19, E 18

Scarf : YR 14, YR 16, YR 09, E 18, E 15

Cardigan : YG 91, YG 93, YG 95, YG 99

Gilet : YR 23, YR 24, E 15

Boots : YR 23, YR 24, E 15, E 99

Trousers: E 11, E 15, E 18, YR 24, E 99

Bag : W 5, W 7, 100, YR 14, YR 18, YR 09

Background sky : BG 70, BG 72

Water : E 30, YR 0000, YR 000, YR 01, BG 70

Mountains : W 3, W 5, W 7

Glow from sunset : Y 35, Yr 000, YR 14, YR 16

Grass : E 30, YG 91, YG 93, YG 95, W 3, YG 99

Top layer leaves : YR 14, YR 16, YR 09

Thanks for your visit on the blog,

hugs Blankina

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

A Little Weird

Hi everyone

For today I have an art journal page to share. I have used Copic markers and Derwent Procolours pencils. I love using Copics and coloured pencils together, they are such a good combination. 

I always start with the skin colours first, here the E50.

Add the BV01 to create some shadow.

Add the E00 on the BV01 to create a warm skintone. 

Blend all layers together with the E000. I also decide to give her some blush with the R21. 

Her hair will be blue and I start with the darkest coloy first, the B69.

Use the B66 to blend. 

And use the lightest colour B63, next. 

I use the  R21 for her lips. 

Add the R22 next 

Than add the R24. . 

Blend all layers together with the R21. 

Her hat will be violet. I have used a lot of yellow in the background and violet/purple  is the opposite colour of yellow in the colour wheel. This means that those colours will enhance each other, but if you mix them together you will get brown.  

My first layer is BV08. 

Blend with the BV04.  I use the BV04 for her ears as well. 

Blend  the layers together with the BV02. 

Use the Y04 next. 

Add the Y08.  

I thought the flowers looked a little pale so I decided to add some more colour and to use the  R21.

Use the R22 next. 

The basic colour of her coat will be  BV02. Add some shading with the BV08. 

Blend the layers using the  BV04. 

Blend again using the BV02. 

The flowers and collar will be yellow. I use the Y04 and Y35.

Blend layers together with the Y04. 
I also used the R21 and R22 for the flowers, but unfortunately I forgot to take a photograph. 

I keep using the same colours because they go so well with the background that I want to use. 
Use the Y08 for the roof. 

Add the Y35 next. 

Blend together with the Y08 and the Y06.

Finally I use the Y04 again. 

Use the same yellow hues for the windows as well. 

For this cute house I will use the BV02. 

Than I decide to make the house more blue so I continue with the B66. 
Blend the layers using the B63. 

I want to use the blue in all the flowers and I start with the B69 first. 

Use the  B66 next. 

Blend the layers together with the B63.

For this flower I use the  BV08.

And the BV04. 

The leaves will be yellow-orange, I use the Y35 and the R21. 

For the largest flower I will add some yellow with the Y04 and the Y08.

For my third flower I use the  Y38and the Y36. 

Finally I add some coloured pencil as well, 
the Derwent Procolours : 09, 10, 20, 03, 27, 35, 32, 31 and the 28. 

Cut out all the images and glue them on your background. I have found the quote on the internet. For my lettering I used a  Molotow one4all marker, 1,5 mm nib , but you can use a  Copic multiliner as well.

Have a fabulous month