Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Santa's Watching

Hi! Helen here today
Christmas is coming! Have finished your Christmas cards? I will show you a Santa today. I bought the stamp on Facebook so I don´t know the brand but I love it!!

As I always do, I stamped the image on Perfect Coloring Paper used Memento Tuxedo Black Ink Pad.

I sketched in my background with C0.

House: E23
Fence: E79
Snow: C1

Sky: B93 - B95 - B97
Trying to get it to glow from the house.

House: E29 - E25
Window: Y21 - Y15 - Y17 - YR14
Glow on the roof: Y21 - Y17
Glow on the fence: Y21
Snow: B91

Road: B41
Shadow in snow: C3 - Blender

Road: B45
Snow: C3 - C2 - Blender

Road: C3 - C2
Footprints: B45 - B97
Pine trees: C7
Snow: B70

Skin: E000 - BV20

Skin: E11 - R02

Sweater and woolen cap: R05

Sweater and woolen cap: R35

Sweater and woolen cap: R89 - R37, C3 - C1 - C5, Blender
Glow: Y21

Gloves and boots: C3 - C7 - C5
Pants: E23 - E29 - E25
Socks: C1 - C3 - R37
Beard: W0 - W3 - W1
Lantern: C3 -C7 - C5, Y21 - Y17 - YR14 - YR04

Road: B95 - B97

Here you got some options.
Just leave it as it is.
Make a bright stary night sky.

Just cover the whole image with snow.
It´s perfect if there are parts in your colouring that didn´t end up as you wanted it. Just remember to break some lines, and in front of your subject. I usually don´t put snow in the face of my image.

I made some snow just because I love when it snows. Snow comes with peace as it never is otherwise.
I made the snow with a Gelly Roll Dark White pen. 

Hope Santa will pay you a visit before we´ll meet again.
I wish you all a Happy Colourful Christmas.


  

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Tolo the Mushroom Fairy

Hello Copic fans, Rosi here! I'm here today with a sweet little girl .

This image is from Mos Digital Pencil. One of thousand images I own for a loooong time but never colored .

My skin color combo is E50, E51, E11, R20 . I always start with E50 all over the skin.
I go over my E51 with E11 in order to darken my shadows. I do the same twice. With R20 I colored the cheeks.

The mushrooms are colored with BV0000, 31, 34, 17.

Her dress is colored with YR00, 02, 04, 07, R00

Her wings are colored with RV91, 93, 95

Isn't she cute? I love her.
That's all from me for today.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Student Manga

Hi everyone!

For the month of November I decided to draw a student version of a Manga girl.

I mainly used cool tones.


Drawing with Copic multiliner

R000,RV10 and E93 for the complexion

B60, B63 and V09 for the eyes

B60, B63 and BV13 for the hair

E00, E02 and R02 for the mouth

C0 and BV000 for the shirt

C0,BV000 and B63 for the tie

After using a white gel pen this is the final result

Thanks for watching

Bye bye

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Stable boy

Or should I say HAY! ??

Helen here today and I´m longing for christmas.
Anyone else who does?

Today I will show you a coloured stamped image from Magnolia Stamps.
As always I´ve stamped the image on Perfect Coloring Paper using Memento Inkpad.

Skin: E000 - BV20 - E11 - E00 - E50
Hay: Y21 - YR24 - YR23  - E08 - E99
Wall: E42 - E44 - E43 - E47
Outdoor: B91

Floor: Y32
Outdoor: B95

Straw: Y23 

Straw: YR23 - E97 - E99
Stool: E70 - E74 - E71

Sweater and socks: R35 - R89 -R37 - T05
Outdoor: B97

Woollen cap: R37 - R89 - R37 - T5
Woollen cap, sweater and socks: W03 - W01 - W00

Straw: T5 - W3 - W5 - E37
Hair: E41 - E42
Pelt: C1 - C3

Well, before christmas, and in just a few days there will be Halloween.
Do you celebrate it and fi you does, how?
Please let me know.

Have some scary colouring til next time!
🎃 👻 🧛

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Cicci color one of her backgrounds

 Hi COPIC lovers !!

Cicci  here 

Today Im going to show one of my backgrounds. This one, was my dear father that showed me how to make. Think I was ten years old, so many many years ago:)

Step 1

Make a forest and start with the sky BV09 

Step 2

Add more of V09


Step 3
Add V05 V06 V09 

Step 4 
Add BV11 
Blend all the colors with V05 and add more V09

Step 5 
More BV11 and blend a lot  with V04 

Step 6 

Go over with all markers  again and blend with V05 and V04

Step 7 
At the end I used a gelĂ© pen for some snow and fog 

Have fun with your COPICs and welcome to visit us Anytime!!