Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Cicci Colors Wild Strawberry

Hi COPIC lovers !!

Cicci here posting from Sweden. Today I make a post with wild strawberry.

COPIC combo

Wild strawberry YR04 R24 R27 R29 R39
Leaves G40 G43 G46
Dots Y00 B000 B00 V15 RV06 RV02

Step 1
First I made a small sketch. When you color with COPICs on a smaller sketch, you have to pint carefully with the dark markers. So you dont get to much dark colors on the parts that you want to be lighter.

Step 2
Start with R39

Add R29 and blend with YR04

Step 3
Add R29 and blend with E27

Step 4
Add R39 again and blend with R24

Go over with all the colors again about 2-3 times and you have your wild strawberries ready!!
I added some flowers and some highlights with a white gel pen

Lots of hugs and Smiles
Welcome to visit us here at the COPIC Europe blog anytime

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Wedding couple

                                                                           Hi everyone!

Rosi here today !

I want to show you today how I colored a beautiful stamp from Lily of the Valley called Wedding Couple. One of my favorite wedding stamps ever!

For the skin i used E21,E11,E04,E00,E0000

Her hair is colored with E53,55,57.
Her dress with E50 and E51 and they are blended with colorless blender.
The roses in her bouquet and her hair are colored with RV91 and RV93and I added a bit of E51.

His hat and suit are colored with the N family N0,1,3,5.

I colored the sky with B00 and B000,blended wit the colorless blender. On the ground I drowned some stones again with the N family N1,3,5 

I really do hope you like it!

See you soon!


Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Alice in Wonderland (Manga version )

Good morning everyone

Here we are at the May post! I love Alice in Wonderland, I love Manga, so I decided to combine the two for this tutorial

Drawing with Copic multiliner

E0000, E00 and RV52 for the complexion

B60, B000, B02 and B97 for the eyes

B000, B93 and B97 for the dress.
B60, C5 and C3 for the shadow of the apron, for the petticoat and for the collar.

Y000, E41 and E43 for the hair.
C5, C7 and C10 for the ribbons

BG15, BG05, BG11 and BG75 for the potion

C10, C7 and B60 for socks and shoes

E35, E15 and B60 for the license plate "drink me "

After making the highlights with a white gel pen, this is the final result.

Thanks for the attention
Bye bye

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Birthday wishes

Helen here.
Today I used a stamp fron Lili of the Valley.

I used Perfect Colouring Paper and Memento Ink pad as I stamped my image.

Skin: E000 - E50 - E11 - R11

Cardigan: G20 - G24 - G94
Skirt: V000 - V01 - V04

Flowers: R83 - R85

Wrapping paper: E30 - E33 - E35

Shoes: E70 - E71 - E74

Made yet another card with the same image, just different colours.


Monday, April 22, 2024

Cicci color with T-combo :)

Hi COPIC lovers 
Cicci here posting, today  Im going to color a face with the T-family. 

Step 1 

I started to make a sketch-for a face 

Step 2 
Renmive  all the lines from your pencil 
I used one C-COPIC here to make the lines for the face C0 
Step 3 
Start with T1 

Step 4 
Add T4 and blend with T1 

Step 5 
Add T1 

 Step 6 
Add T5 for the shadows  

Step 7 
Add and blend with T1 

Step 8 
Here aI go over with all the colors I used before one more time. 

Step 9 
If you want a darker face you continue to color with T5 and T7 and then blend with a lighter marker 

Thats all for me today 
Lots of HUGS & SMILES 
Happy coloring and welcome to visit us anytime !!

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Welcome Spring

 Hi everyone!

Rosi here today !

I want to show you today how I colored two stamps from Sweet November Stamps.

Those are two digital stamps merged in one.

Two fairies welcoming the Spring.

For the skin i used E21,E11,E04 and E00

I decided to make some kind of ombre hair I used E31.33.35
and RV10,21,13

I made the dressed with a pattern,so i made my highlights with some warm greys 
W1,3,5 and then I made some yellow flowers  with Y11,13 and pink flowers with RV21.

The other dress is colored with R00,20,22,RV42.

Then I made the pattern with R39 ,W9.

The wings are colored with BG10,BG 70,72.

It was a pleasure to color those sweet images.

Thanks for reading.

See you soon,