Tuesday, March 20, 2018

99% Copic scene

Hello everyone! It's Delphine here today to share a 99% Copic scene! Because I really would like to see spring coming, I made a spring forest scene built around a Little Red Riding Hood character by Paperbabe Stamps.

I coloured the sky first, using B000 and B00, adding a cloud in BV20, C0, 1. I knew I wanted to add trees, but since the sky is very clear, I chose to colour it first and completely because the colours wouldn't show.

I added trees on the left with E31, 35, 49, 59, 79 and B39, G28, YG 01, 03, 17 for the foliage. Between the trunks I put E71 and 74 to fill the space. I then added a tree on the right using the same colours for the trunk but G40, 99, YG03, 45, 63, 95 for the foliage. I then added bushes in G28, YG01, 03, 17 and distant shapes in G40, 43 and BV000, 00.

Next I coloured the grass from bottom to top in YG01, 03, 06, 17, 67.

I then coloured my character - doing the skin first, then the clothes and keeping the red and black for the end to avoid dragging dark colours with my light markers (See full list of markers used below). For a bit of depth, I added blades of grass in T7, G28, BG78 and YG17.

I could have stopped at the previous step, but thought I would add tiny details - hence the 1% non Copic! - in Gelly Roll and Pentel gel pens. 

Sky: B000, 00, BV20, C0, 1
Trees on the left: E31, 35, 49, 59, 79, B39, G28, YG 01, 03, 17
Tree on the right: E31, 35, 49, 59, 79, G40, 99, YG03, 45, 63, 95
Bushes: G28, YG01, 03, 17
Distant shapes: BV000, 00, G40, 43 
Grass: YG01, 03, 06, 17, 67
Blades of grass: BG78, G28, T7, YG17

Skin: E000, 00, 11, RV02
Hair: 100, BV04, C7, 9
Red: R35, 37, 39, T5
Purple Dress: BV00, 01, 02, 04
White Apron: T1, 3
Basket: E31, 35, 37

Thank you very much for your visit, have a great day! Hugs,
Delphine xx

Monday, March 12, 2018

Tutorial Copic anti-stress colouring

Hello Copic lovers,

Today I am sharing a photo tutorial which I have made for the Italian Copic Blog.
This is also Copic colouring..but a bit different!
Perhaps you are interested too?

I call it anti - stress colouring, 
sometimes you need those moments to relax yourself, don't you?
And what is better than to get out some of your fab Copic colours?

It is important that you let your emotions and mind free,
do the colouring without programming or thinking about it.

Okay I will explain how to do it, 
please have the following products ready to start;

 Copic markers of your choice , 
a Copic Gasenfude pen , 
Copic  Multiliners ( black and / or coloured ones )
a white gel pen or Copic Opaque White.
a sheet of white paper and / or a sheet of Perfect Colouring Paper 
a pencil ( and a rubber )

Please take a white sheet of paper and a "hard" pencil,
do not use a "soft" one as it leaves too much graphite on the paper 
which might damage your Copic tip.

You can design directly on a sheet of Copic Perfect Colouring Paper,
but personally I start on a simple white sheet 
which I  scan and print out onto a PCP sheet afterwards.

In this way you can always re-use the original design.

Now "switch off your brain" 
and start designing lines without thinking.

My lines are rounded and they cross each other.
This will become your original design to start with,
 later you can always add more lines while colouring.

Now start colouring on the sheet of PCP,
 the one you have made with the lines or the copy printed out onto PCP.
Pick a colour group which you like and start colouring between the lines.

I have made a multi coloured design with lot of colour groups
 but if you like you can also use only one colour group .

After colouring
 I have accentuated the lines which divide the coloured spaces
  with a Copic Gasenfude pen, this pen is very suitable as the tip is long and flexible.

When you add some pressure to the tip the line will become thicker
and if you use the pen in a straight position without pressing, 
 the line will become very thin.
Love how this creates fun wavy lines.

Afterwards just get out another group of Copic colours to finish the design as you like it,
and the Gasenfude to accentuate the lines.
 If you like you can also add small white dots on the black lines as I did.

Some of the spaces in the design  I have filled up with some black Copic Multiliners doodles
but of course you can also use your coloured Multiliners .

I have used  full A4 sheet, 
but you can also start with some smaller pieces of paper first.
Basing it on how much time you will have to finish it.

You could use your smaller anti- stress designs to create cards. In case you have done a big size it could become a cover.

But the most important thing is to relax while colouring!

Who knows what the psychologists will say?
Ha ha, anyway I did relax myself and I am happy to have this design too.

What are you waiting for?
Please try it yourself!

I have used these colours ( see photo above ) 
Copic Gasenfude , Copic Multiliner black 0.3 

Thank you for visiting my post,
Hugs Blankina

my personal blog
Italian Copic blog

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Black Hair

Hi Everyone, it's Faye here today :)

I thought I'd chat to you about colouring black hair and the different effects you can achieve with your Copics. I am using a stamp called Ellie Says Hi, from Tiddly Inks.

When I colour hair with flicks, I prefer to start with the lightest colour and work up to the darkest. This means I do not bleach out anything I have done before, I don't lose the texture and don't have to repeat the steps again.

Although I am looking to achieve black hair, I actually use very little of this colour (100 or 110), preferring to make the greys work for me. Let me show you with a quick step by step. In this example, I am going to use the Cool Grey Family...

I use C3 to get a base layer of colour down. It really doesn't matter that it's messy at this point, because further layers will hide this ;)

I apply a second layer with C5, again not being too precise, although I try and leave some of the C3 showing

Next up, it's C7 and now I try to be a little careful about where I lay the colour and how much of it

This time, I use C9 and you can see I don't use very much at all

Finally, I use 100 in the areas under the chin only. This pops these little bits back and adds depth

As I mentioned, in the samples above I have used the Cool Grey Family. But I thought it would be interesting to show how different each Grey Family looks. It's easy to get caught in a colour rut... if you have them all, it's fun to play with them all!

Top Left - Cool Greys; C3, C5, C7, C9, 100
Top Right - Warm Greys; W3, W5, W7, W9 110
Bottom Left - Neutral Greys; N3, N5, N7, N9, 100
Bottom Right - Toner Greys; T3, T5, T7, T9, 110

Of course, sometimes super shiny black hair will pick up ambient colour from the light around it. You can show this by starting with a colour as the base layer. In the samples below, I have again used the Cool Greys (did someone say something earlier about getting comfortable with certain colours?!), but I started with B21 on the top sample and BV04 on the second one...

Compare how different they look to the samples coloured only with Grey.

Finally, you don't even have to use the Greys for black hair. Look how gorgeous these two samples look. On the first, I have used BG72, BG75, BG78 and N5. On the second, I have used BV20, BV23, BV25, BV29 and C7...

So Copic Lovers, get out your Markers, mix them up and have fun!

Copics Used...
Skin; E000, E00, E21, E70
Hair; C3, C5, C7, C9, W3, W5, W7, W9, N3, N5, N7, N9, T3, T5, T7, T9, 100, B21, BV04, BG72, BG75, BG78, BV20, BV23, BV25, BV29

Thanks so much for stopping by... Have a great day.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Just imagine...

Hi there Copic loversElena F here from Scrap-lanak Ganbaran.
I made a mixed-media background card using my Copic Airbrush system and staying out of my "comfort zone" with a Prima stamp coloured using the No Lines Colouring Technique. I stamped with Memento London Fog Grey Ink.

Here is the finished project picture, but after that, you've got step by step pictures on how I coloured the flowers and at the end of the post, a few step pictures to see how I made the background.

The copic colours I´ve used to colour my stamp:
Skin: E0000, 00, 21, 11, 13
Flowers: R46, 43, R05, YR04, R20
Hair: E77, 57, 35, 53
To airbrush the background:
BG72, E35, 37, YG03, G94, Y06
I felt like colouring the flowers in a red but with a touch of orange.
I started colouring the flowers with R46
Then I coloured the middle tones with R05 
Finaly I coloured ending the reds with the ligthest one R43 
 Now to add my orange touches in the ligthest zones of the flowers I used YR04
and finaly I blended the ligthest with R20

Now for the background I used my Copic Airbrush. This is not a necesary tool to colour but really it´s so fun.

First I airbrushed the entire surface of my cardstock with BG72. Then I started airbrushing some brick wall with one stencil in E35 and 37 here and there to make it more interesting and not too plain.

I wanted to add hints of ivy and I made it airbrushing with another stencil: YG03 and some random branches with G94

No worries about the size of my surface as this is going to be resized to fit perfectly with my coloured stamp size.

With one texture paste and another stencil I tried to make some rays of light, to make my stamp emanate its own light. After the paste dried I airbrushed on top with my Y06 marker.
I made it with sand texture paste as this dries slightly translucent and after airbrushing it maintains this translucent and shiny look.

A few more deep airbrushed branches again, more texture paste and it looks like this:

I finished with some random stamping, adding a bit of wax, cutting the excess and It´s done!
Finally, I fussy cut and mounted the image on foam to emphasize her on my project.
Hope you enjoyed.
Thanks for sticking with me to the end!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Copic markers, Gelliplate and more

Hi everyone, I have played with Various Ink on my Gelliplate (inspired by You tube and videos by Diny Sprakel). 

what do you need
Various ink 
a stencil 


Put your stencil on the gelliplate.

Add a few drops of Various Ink on the Gelliplate. 

Use the brayer tp spread the ink on your Gelliplate.
You have to work quickly because alcohol inks evaporate quite quickly. 

Use a stamp to make some structure.

I have used the  printables by Carabella.

Use some more ink and another stamp. 

Remove the stencil.

Add a tint layer of piant.

Use your brayer to make a thin layer .

Make a print. 

There is still quite a lot of ink on your stencil. Spray some activator on your stencil and make a print.

I love this funny print.

Take another stencil. 

Drip some ink on the gelliplate, use the stamps..

Add a thin layer of paint.

And make a print. 

I drew a girl and coloured her with my  Copic Markers, starting with E50.

For shadows I use BV000 and BV00.

Add the E00 over the shadow parts.

Blend  all layers together with E000.

I start with YR18 for colouring the hair.

After the  YR 18 I use YR15 en YR14.

I wanted some more depth so I decided to add some E00.

Keep adding the coloures until satisfied. 

I wanted to have her apron a checker pattern (because I love checks). 
I start with the YR16.

For the other colours I use FBV02 and RV06.

 Her dress is going to be pink RV04, RV 06 and RV09.

I use the same colours for het wings.

And this is the finished piece.