Thursday, October 22, 2020

Funny Gloves and PLAYING with Colors

 Hi Copic Lovers. Cicci here posting! 

Today I'm going to show you how I did these colorful gloves. I also want to show you how you can color without any plans for the painting-just go with the feeling and the flow. My feeling about this is that I want to make some gloves in many colors-so lets see what happens on the coloring process.

You don't have to use the same colors/markers that I did!!

Copic Markers I have used for the background 

Forest: B39 B99 B37 B00 B32 

Trees: E23 E57 Y02 E47 

Pumpkin: YR09 YR24 YR21 Y02 R24 YR05

Sky: Same as the forest and I have also added some V04 R14 and used a white Sakura gel pen for the highlights.

Jacket: Lots of dark B39 and RV99 just to get the darkness in the jacket

Hat: B00  Y02 Y04 Y08 YG03 YG99 R14 YG95 YR05 YR09

Skin: Y02 E33 E31 R14 YR05 R22 E53 E51 

Hair: B00 R14 YR24 BG93 R24 Y02 BG02 

Eyes: B39 YG99 YG03 Y02 Y08

Step 1 

I draw this first.

I have started to make some dots with B02 

Blue and yellow is great together so I use Y04 in the next step

For making this a little more fun I use R56 and let's see what's happening with that combo 

Blend with Y04

Add R05
And see how that works together?
Yellow and orange is good friends sooo  I think that's a great combo

Add Y08 and blend with that marker

Use R24

Add RV06
Here I did some lines

B04 over the other colors and also make some lines

Add R14

Blend with Y04, and add Y02 in the middle of the gloves

   Add YR07

Add BG53

I have made some shine around the gloves and also some dots with a white gel pen You can use posca pen as well. Use what you have!!

In this post I want to show that you can color with any markers you have and you can mix a lot and even make some pattern with your  markers. 
I hope you try this and just color and see what happens on the way!!
 I promise you that you going learn a lot in the coloring process!!

Welcome again anytime you feel like it and 

Lots of HUGS and SMILES 


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