Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Cicci color a winter wonderland

 Hi Friends

Cicci here, posting. Today its a few days before christmas and here in Sweden we have rain and not snow, so thinking color some snow here instead

Copic markers I have used is

For the Snow

C0 C5 R30 B60 B00 B21 

Brown Markers

E44 E41 Copic multiliner 0,1

Yellow for the light/window

Y02 YR21

Sakura Gele pen for the snowdetails

Step 1 

I draw a little scene

Step 2
Start to color the lines with C0

Step 3
Add some B00

Step 4
Add BG000

Step 5
Add C7  
for the steps in the snow

Step 6
Blend with C0 and also I used the blender
to remove the color of C7

Step 7
Add C1 and blend more at the steps

Step 8
Add BV02

Step 9
Add B91

Step 10
Add B21

Step 11
I have used COPIC Multiliner 0,1
for the details at the house and the sign

Step 12
Add some E41 at the house and sign

Step 13
Add B60 

Step 14
Now I make a lot of dots with a 
White Gele pen Sakura

Thank you all for this Year and thank you all for Visit the Copci Europe blog!!
 We hope that 2021 become a
wonderful year with lots of happiness

Merry Christmas to you 


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