Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Folds/Fabric Cicci

Hi Everyone.
Its my turn, Cicci, to show you a Copic Tutorial here at the Copic Blog. 
 I thought I'd show you how I coloured the folds on this image by Christine Karron. 
The image is called Forget Me Not Fairy.

Copic Markers I have used:
For the folds: V09 06 05 04 17
Skin: C0 2 3 7 10 B00 RV52 Y21  E53 E00 50
Hair: V09 04 B00 RV52 FY1 
Flowers: FY! Y02
Eyes: Y26 28 Y02 FY1
Lips: RV52 C0 2 
Nails: Y26
I have also used a White Posca Pen for the White details

Step 1
I started with V09 to add the part that I want darkest

 Step 2
Add V06 over the V09 and blend a little 

Step 3
I add more V09 at the part I started with

Step 4 
Here I add V05 and blend again

 Step 5
Add more V09 ( I like dark colours :0))

 Step 6
Heres the magic V-markers :0))
I Blend all over the other colours with V04 
It's a nice V-marker and even if you find V04 
doesn't fit with the others in the V-family its going to 
be nice  and light in your colouring

 Step 7
Here I add V17 on the contour on the fabric that 
I want to be even darker and I also add a few lines with this marker 

 Step 8
Blend with V04 again

 Have a Lovely Day and I hope you visit soon again.

Hugs from the Copic Europa Girls,


Magic Zebra said...

Lovely, thanks for sharing your technique!

Cecilia Gunnarsson said...

Thank you so much and thank you Magic Zebra for Visit and WELCOME again !! Have a great Day Cicci