Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Just Four Markers!

Hi Everyone, it's Faye here today :)

Last month, I chatted to you about Colouring in Monotone. This month, I thought I would take limiting my colours in a different direction and challenged myself to colour an image with just five markers. In fact, when it came to it, I only used four!

It's great to try this as a little challenge for yourself every once in a while, it really makes you think about where you want to put your shading. It's also a fab technique if you don't have many or all of the Copic colours. 

When you are using just one marker to colour various parts of an image, you need to start with a smooth base layer of colour. You then build up layers of shading, gradually decreasing the amount of colour you lay each time.

It is important that the ink dries between each layer you add, otherwise the colour will try and blend with the ink below, rather than sit on top.

You also need to approach the extra layers with a light touch, this will enable you to build up lots of light layers, rather than a few heavy ones.

Finally, be sure to lift the Copic at the end of the pen stroke, so you have a lovely light flick. This means you'll end up with a nice smooth transition between layers of shading.

I have used an image from Tiddly Inks, called Wryn - Whatcha Doin'? and printed her in light grey so I can also achieve the No Lines Technique.

Let's make a start...


The light source is coming from the top left, so I've added E000 shading to create shape at the edges of the face and under the fringe, the bottom of the ear, on the neck under the chin and across the fingers.

Repeat with E000, laying less shading in each area this time. Don't worry if the shading under the hair looks a little loud. Adding a hair colour will tone this down...

I am using E71 for the hair, letting an area dry before colouring the section next to it. As I am colouring with No Lines, this will help me decide where to place my shading.

Use E71 to start adding shading. I have also added some E71 to the face and mouth and softened it with E000, to act as cast shadow.

Time for more layers of E71, paying specific attention to the pieces of hair under the chin, which are tucked behind. By adding extra layers of E71 only to these areas, you will pop them behind.

Add E71 to increase the fringe hanging over the face, the wisps of hair at the top of the head and cast shadow around the hair clip.

A few extra touch ups with E71 on the wisps at the top of the head, the eyes and cast shadow on the neck under the chin.

Let's start the dress and hair clip with B93.

Add shading with B93 on the right of the dress and clip.

More shading on the right of the dress with B93. Also add a touch of E71 to the dress at the top, where it touches the base of the neck on the left.

C1 for alternate stripes of the dress sleeves.

B93 for the remaining sleeve stripes.

Add shading to both colours of stripe on the sleeves. Lay down a small amount of E71 to the left side of the right arm, which will act as cast shadow and pop the arm behind the body. Lay some shading under the hands with C1 to push them forward.

Use a pencil to add the top of the surface the hands are resting on and a White Gel Pen for eye reflection detail.

And that's us all done!

Copics Used...
E000, E71, B93, C1

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Daen'Ys said...

A few months ago I received alcohol markers as a gift. Thank you for your tutorials and tips very informative, it helps a lot to improve!
Rosi x

Margreet said...

Great tutorial. You're the queen of copics!
xxx Margreet

Shelly said...

Fab tutorial Fluff. Love it ❤️

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

So soft and seriously cool with only 5 colours! <3 <3