Thursday, April 12, 2018

Recycling, Copic markers and Activator...

Hello Copic friends,

Today I will show you how you can make fun cards 
with your rubber stamp left overs,
your Copic Activator and some Copic Markers.

I use a lot of rubber stamps for my cards
 and when you trim those rubber stamps
rubber stamp leftovers will remain.

As probably everyone in the world of scrap and cardmaking,
I do not like to throw things away. Ha, ha.

So this is my solution...use your rubber stamp leftovers too.
And make original creations.

You will need :

Copic Activator
Some Copic Markers (I have chosen three markers : RV04, RV14 and R59)
Chromolux paper or other heavy glossy paper
an acrylic block or stamping tool
and last but not least some rubber stamps leftovers.

 I have cut up the pieces, into shapes I like.

I have created a design 
and attached the rubber stamp leftovers onto my stamping tool
(you can also use an acrylic block if you do not have a stamping tool)

 If your stamps are not mounted on foam you can use tack 'n' peel 
to attach the rubber onto the acrylic block or stamping tool. 

I have cut a piece of Chromolux paper 
and have attached it on my stamping tool with the magnets,
before I have coloured the rubber
 I have checked if the "design" fits onto the paper.

After I have started to colour the rubber with my two RV markers.

I have also added some R59.

I have sprayed some Activator onto the rubber stamp leftovers,
quickly turned the stamping tool 
and have pressed firmly to the glossy side of the Chromolux paper.

This was the result. 

The second time I have cut another piece of Chromolux paper,
and this time after having sprayed the Activator 
onto the coloured rubber stamp leftovers
I have pressed the glossy side of the paper 
onto the rubber stamp leftovers with a roller.

You can clean the leftovers with a some activator straight after stamping.

This was the result of the second piece.

I have cut several flowers with a MFT die out of the first piece of paper,
the second piece of paper was cutted with a square die,
 with some Staz-on ink I have added
the sentiment to the background paper.

To give the card a fun effect
 I have fixed the flowers with eyelets onto the background
 using a crop-a-dile big bite tool.

This is my fresh pink floral card!

Thank you for visiting and hope you have enjoyed my post.
Why don't you give it a try yourself ? 

Hugs Blankina

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Linda Simpson said...

Fabulous idea and love how the background turned out! Beautiful flowers too!
Linda xxx