Sunday, April 22, 2018

Fantasy Night Scene by Cicci

Colouring a Night scene.

Hi Everyone.
Cicci here today, to show how I made this Fantasy Night scene :0)
I have used these Markers for the whole scene...
Combo: BG10 11 B45 26 29 37 39 BG23.

Step 1
At first I Draw a sketch of how I want the scene to look.
Then I start to paint the contours on the moon with BG10.

Step 2 and 3 
I continue with BG11 on the area where I have already laid BG10 and also I colour outside the moon with BG10 so the paper going to be a little wet. Its more easy to blend the colours if you do that.

Step 4
Add at first B45 around the moon in the area that you added BG10 and also outside that area. 
Then you add B26 on the area where you coloured with B45 and a little outside to
blend with B45.

 Step 5
I added a little BG02 inside the area on the Moon where I colour with BG11.

Step 6
 Blend BG02 with BG10 and BG11 and continue to colour with B26 outside the area where the B45 is.

Step 7
Here I added the contour for the hills with B26.

 Step 8
I coloured the forest With B26.

 Step 9
Add some BG11 over the forest.

 Step 10
Make some more hills with BG10.
And at the same time I added more BG10 around the moon.

Step 11
Here I have coloured the whole area for the sky with B26 and also added B26 over the hills I drew before. Leave some white space for branches.

 Step 12
Now you colour the white areas with BG10.

Step 13
 Add more BG10 on the hills below the forest.

 Step 14
Add BG11 on the tree nearest your light source (the Moon).

 Step 15
Then I added some lines on the tree with B26 to add some texture.
I also added B45 on the hills.

Step 16
I continue to add texture to the tree with the B29 on the part of the tree furthest from the moon. I continue with BG75 and blend the whole tree with BG72.

Here's a photo of how it will look when I have added all the colours one more time.
After that, I added little strokes on the tree with B39 and B37 for more texture. 
After that I blend carefully with BG72.

 Step 17
Here I have add B39 for the whole forest at the front.
Blend with B37 and BG72 over the tree tops the same way I did over the hills.

Step 18
Here I have add more colours for the hills. 
I have used B45 26 BG72. 
Blend with BG11 10.

Step 19
I go over the whole scene with BG72 and blend with BG23 for a darker look.

Step 20
I did a last step and added some dots on wthe hole colouring to make it more fun. 
I used Posca markers for the dots; white, green, light blue, black, yellow and pink. 

Have a wonderful day from us here at the Copic Europe Blog.

HUGS and Smiles


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