Tuesday, August 18, 2015

tutorial with Copic Opaque White

Today I'm going to tell you something about the Copic Opaque White.
Copic Opaque White is a waterbased paint that you can use in your copic creations.
You can apply the paint with a brush and  if you want to use it with a dip-pen you need to dilute the paint, but it will be less opaque then. You can use the paint on all kind of materials like your Copics, acrylic paints, pencils , but please do not use your Copic Markers on the Opaque White, it will ruin the tip of your markers. 
I have been using the Copic Opaque White for writing my quote.
I wrote down the lines and letters first, I used a mechanical pencil for this so I can remove the lines after I finished writing the quote. 

In the first layer I simply trace the pencil lines with a tiny detail -brush and the Copic Opaque White.

Just trace the pencil lines.

After I traced the letters I added some extra lines to make the letters stand out a little more. I filled in the spaces between the lines with the Copic Opaque White.

I wrote down the whole quote this way. After you are satisfied clean your brush thoroughly and let the paint dry. Sometimes you need a second layer of paint (this depends on the media you are writing on, if you used inks they might bleed through, but with Copic Markers of acrylic paints, you will be ok and just 1 layer will be enough). 

And this is the finished page in my art journal. I used the Copic Opaque White for adding some little bubbles in the background and for the highlights in the ladybug's eyes too. 
this cute ladybug is by Aurora Wings and off course coloured with Copic Markers. I used :
100 (BLACK)
C01,03,05,06,07, 09

And this is a little example of some doodling with the Copic Opaque White.

have a fun and creative day and see you next month


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