Thursday, August 6, 2015

My favorite to do in the summer

Hello everyone.
Today it´s my turn, Rozzan to inspire you!

I like summer very much, partly because it is warm, but also because I like to gather mushrooms.
In Sweden we have a lot of good mushrooms to pick,but my favorit is the Chanterelle.
But there are also some of the nasty variety, toadstool...

Usually coloring, I just use red on my Christmas themes. But it is fun to color in red even in summer, this red is perfect for this fungus, I think. There are so many different shades of red, it's just trial and error as you find your own favorite combination. 

The dark red, R89 can be used for most combinations of red. If you do not have a dark red or R89 can you please try to get some black pen, NTW or C for a lighter red to get a dark contrast.

On the white spots I used Liquide pearl to get some height on the dots.
The image is from Magnolia.

Colors I have used:
Red: R24,37,89
White: T0,1,2,4

Have a good time
Hugs from Rozzan

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