Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Cicci color a -’g-Clav

 Hi Copic friend!!

Cicci here posting, today I color lots of rainbow colors.

COPIC combo

R37 R35 R24 R14

B21 B26 BG10 V06 V09 V04 

Y02 Y13 YG17  YR02 Y15

R81 RV55 R59 FYR1 Y06

Step 1 

First I did a sketch 

First color to use is R37 and blend With R35 

Step 2 
Add Y06 and FYR1

Step 3
Blend with Y06

Step 5 
Add Y15 and blend with YR02

Step 6
Add and blend Y06

Step 6
Add V06 blend with V04
Add V09 and blend again with V04

Step 7
Here I did some dots  with a White gel pen 
For the blue I add B21 and  B26 
Then I started to blend again 

Step 8 
Add more red, I used a dark R59

Step 8 
Add YR27 and YR13 

Step 9
Blend with Y14

Step 10
Blend with FYR1

Step 11
Add RV55 and blend with R81

Step 12 
Blend with BG10

Step 13
Add some R81 
Add make some lines 

Step 14
Draw some lins With a light COPIC markers 
I used BG10 

Done !!!

Have a eonderful Day everyone 

Lots of hugs and smiles 
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