Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Anti stress Copic colouring with Blankina

Hello all Copic friends,

How are you? Hope fine...
Today I have a little tutorial for you: anti stress Copic colouring.

We all have stress and I have this nice and colourful way to relax, I call it anti-stress Copic Colouring. Simple and fun to do.

I have started with a sheet of Perfect Colouring paper (A4) and a pencil

And have started to  draw lines without thinking.....
Later I have  covered these lines with various Copic multiliners.

Suggestion :
Before adding Copic colouring you can still erase the pencil lines,
when you add colours with your Copic pencil lines will NOT erase anymore.

Are you curious how I have made the design?

I have used these colours ...
Please watch this little video below and discover all steps

I can highly recommend this anti stress colouring, it does help to relax and in the end you also have a colourful drawing... This can be framed or used as a cover for example. 

When you use a smaller pieces of PCP you can also make lovely cards  with these anti stress drawings. 

This is a unfinished piece of my drawing. You can see the completed design in the video !!

Copic :
Multiliner black 0.3
Multiliner black 0.5 
Multiliner calligraphy M

B02, B05, B18, B23, B24, B28, B29, B39
BG13, BG23, BG34, BG49, BG72, BG93, BG96
YG03, YG06, YG09

In case you want to see another of my anti stress designs  please visit my post tutorial-copic-anti-stress-colouring from 2018 too .

Hugs Blankina

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