Saturday, February 22, 2020

Cicci color a brown eye

Hi Copic Lovers

Cicci here today posting! Today I'm going to show you a brown eye. Eyes are perfect to color with Copics and I promise if you try that you going to have so much fun!

Step 1
Start to draw an eye and ad some E15 and over E15 add E18
Make some small lines with the colors and leave some white area for highlights

 Step 2
Blend with E13

Step 3  
Add a dark brown. I have used E49

Step 4
Add more of E13 and blend with Y000 

 Step 5
Add more E49 around the eye

Step 6
Add E15 and also around the eye for some background

 Step 7
At the end I have made some more highlights with a gel pen

Step 8
If you want to to more at the eye go over with all the same colors again and you 
can also use FY1 for more yellow in the eye

Have A lovely day everyone!
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Big Hugs and Smiles!

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