Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Burn the Letters

Hi everyone
We have our first tropical week this year, so time for a sunny page, with a gloomy quote ;-).

Start with Y15 and use Y19 for some shading. 

Blend Y19 with the Y18. 

And use the Y15 for a nice colour scheme. 

Sometimes the lightest colours bleach out the darker ones, just add more of the darker colours to give it some depth. 

The head will be pink and I use the RV02. 

For shading add some RV04 and RV06. 

Blend all layers together with RV02. 
In the end I decide to use some FRV1 to make the pink a bit more tangy. 

With the Y18 I add some spots on the head of the cat. 

Use the Y15 and RV02 for the wings.  

I also add some R35.

For shading use the RV09, YR16 and R39.

Use the RV06, YR16 and R37 next.

Blend all layers together with RV02, Y15 and R35. 

Time to start colouring the girl
I start with E50.

Use BV00 for shading. 

Add  E00  on the BV00 and blend all layers together with E000. 

Use R35 for her hair and lips.
Y13 for the flower and RV00 for her spectacles.

Add RV39, Y19 /Y16 and RV06 / RV09 for shading.

Use R35, Y13 and RV00 to blend the layers. 

Add some of the darker colours again if they bleached out too much (when you were blending them with the lighter colours). 

For her hat I use Y15, RV02, R35 and YR16. 

Use the darkest one of each colour, Y19, RV04, R37 and YR18 and blend them with the 1st layer. 

Use the YR16 for her dress. 

i also use RV02 and R35. 

Add some shading on her boots and socks with Y18 and  RV06.  And use R39 for shading the dress.  

Blend all layers together with YR16, RV 02 and R35.
Now I notice that I forgot some shading on her dress. I add it quickly using the Y19. 

Blend the yellow with YR16 and cut out all the images. 

I found this funny quote on the internet. I also added some washi tape around the edges of the page. 
Finally I use a black marker to enhance the black parts of the images. 

enjoy and have some fun
see you next month again

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