Friday, February 1, 2019

Backgrounds to make an image pop :)

Hi Everyone, it's Faye here today :)

This month, I wanted to play with this lovely stamp called Pure Florals: Peony from Uniko.

I was looking at the image, thinking about what colours to use, when it occurred to me that we often spend time colouring the image itself, and leave the background. I decided I wanted to see how it looked if I coloured the background, leaving the image, using the background to make the image pop.

I've used a simple technique using Colourless Blender Various Ink and a natural sponge to add texture and dimension...

I've started with R85, using the brush nib to get into the fiddly bits and the chisel nib to get the ink down quickly, which helps achieve a smooth blend.

Next, I've used R83 to pull the colour out further. I'm working on a big area here, so I've used the chisel nib again.

I've closed up the white space with R81.

I've squirted some Copic Blender Various Ink onto a craft mat and picked it up with a natural sponge. Apply to the background. You get a different effect depending on how wet the sponge is and how long you hold it down.

Work your way around the image, varying the amount of time you hold the sponge down.

All done? I wasn't happy with the way the ink was sitting... it looks a little uneven. Play around with the ink until you are happy.

That's better!

I wanted to show you how you can achieve different results by applying Colourless Blender with different items...

I coloured the background in the same way, using YG00, YG01 and YG03, but this time I kept the darker colours at the edge of the card, rather than around the image.

This time I added Colourless Blender with an old facecloth.

And here are the finished cards...

Copics Used...
Pink; R81, R83, R85
Colourless Blender Various Ink

Copics Used...
Green; YG00, YG01, YG03
Colourless Blender Various Ink

Thanks so much for stopping by... Have a great day.